22 Jan

Is it Safe for Children to Take Modafinil?

Every year we find new studies and reports that reveal intriguing new applications for modafinil. Seeing as it’s widely popular among university students for its ability to help you study and learn, you might wonder if it’s okay for younger people, perhaps secondary students, to take the pill. While conclusive evidence is still scarce, there are some interesting finds that suggest modafinil could be very useful for young people.

What the makers say

The official posture as stated on Provigil’s website is that modafinil should not be taken by people under 18. This is in part due to legal issues. A pharmaceutical company by law cannot market its medicines for anyone who was not part of their clinically approved trials. In most cases, clinical trials include everyone 18 and up, however there are some exceptions. Certain products marketed towards older people for instance may not have included people in their teens or twenties. From personal experience, I was interested in getting implanted contact lenses due to my terrible myopia, but was refused at the time as the clinical testing had only been done on people 21 and older.

What this means is that the safety of modafinil on children and teens has not been thoroughly tested by the manufacturer and therefore they cannot sell it or market it to that group. But does that mean it isn’t safe?

Studies say it’s safe for children to take modafinil.

This study from back in 2005 was performed on 248 individuals ranging from 6 years of age to 17. The goal of the test was to evaluate whether modafinil could be beneficial as a treatment for ADHD. ADHD is on the rise in developed nations, with anywhere between 5 and 10% of children at risk. The current default treatment for ADHD involves amphetamine-based medicines, which have a higher potential for abuse. In the United States many teens sell their ADHD pills to other students to get a buzz or a high which some describe as similar to cocaine. In addition, amphetamine-based medicines can be addictive and difficult to quit.

When researchers looked at the effects of modafinil on the brain, they saw an opportunity to attack ADHD, and launched this investigation. The results, per the study, were excellent:

Conclusions. Modafinil film–coated tablets significantly improved ADHD symptoms at school and home as evaluated by clinicians, teachers, and parents. Treatment with once-daily modafinil was generally well tolerated, with few discontinuations as a result of adverse events.

Another major advantage found in this study was that most of the children did not experience severe side-effects. While we often talk about headaches or insomnia as troublesome issues with modafinil, researchers for children were more concerned about loss of appetite leading to anorexia. This is a common occurrence among children who take amphetamines for ADHD, and it can be a real problem as children need to maintain sufficient caloric intake to spur their physical development.

The study shows that anorexia caused by loss of appetite was considerably lower with modafinil than for amphetamines and the potential for abuse was also much lower.

So, is it safe for children to take modafinil?

The study would suggest that yes, it is. However you should talk to your doctor before administering modafinil to your child as it could have an adverse reaction with other medications he or she might be taking. Also, if you’re a teen and you’re looking to improve your academic performance with modafinil, keep in mind that simply taking a pill doesn’t magically improve your grades. You must be organized, ready to work, and in the right mindset to tackle that stack of papers or crack open the history book that’s been collecting dust on your desk.

19 Jan

How to Use Nuvigil

 How to Use Nuvigil

There are many of us in today’s society that suffer with many disorder such as narcolepsy and sleeping disorder, such as sleep apnea, that can cause extreme sleepiness and fatigue. Coffee is not strong enough to stay away, and the fact is it contains too much caffeine just like other energy drinks do, and that is not good for a humans body to intake on a daily basis. However, there is a safe drug to take that will be able to help with those obstacles and it is known as Nuvigil.


What Is This

  Nuvigil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that is used as an oral administration. It is also known as Armodafinil, which is the R-enantiomer of modafinil. Armodafinil is a crystalized powder that is white to off-white and it is slightly soluble in water, and also soluble in methanol. Nuvigil tablets contain the following ingredients; lactose monohydrate, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, povidone, microcrystalline cellulose, and pregelatinized starch.




 There are many benefits of taking Nuvigil. It can help in a great way to reduce the sleepiness that occurs from other health issues, it can also be used to prevent fatigue and to help you stay away during working hours especially if you have a schedule that does not allow you to keep a normal sleeping routine, and it is also used to help certain substances in your brain, if you have an irregular sleeping pattern such as insomnia, to properly control your sleep/awake cycle. This medication is beneficial in keeping you safe at work, help in aiding the fight of fatigue, and keep your body healthy by allowing it to sleep the proper amount of time for yourself.




 The recommended dosage for Nuvigil is about 150 mg to 250 mg taken orally as a single dose on a once a day basis, specifically in the morning time. This required amount is also given to patients who suffer from OSA or narcolepsy. The required dosage for those who suffer from Work Shift Disorder, is for them to take 150 mg once a day orally, as a single dose at about approximately 1 hour before their work shift begins. For patients with sever hepatic impairment and in geriatric patients, the dosage is requested as a smaller amount and the patient should be monitored closely.


Side Effects


 Even though Nuvigil is a recommended medication for staying awake it does, however, come with a few side effects as well. When taking this medication you may and can have headaches, nervousness, dry mouth, dizziness, nausea, and it is possible to have difficulty sleeping as well. If any of these side effects occur it is always important to tell your pharmacist or doctor. Remember that your doctor did prescribe this medication because he or she believes that the benefit of Nuvigil is greater for you than the risk of possible side effects. Normally, most individuals do not experience any type of severe side effects, however, the severe side effects that can occur are fast/pounding/irregular heartbeat, depression, hallucinations, confusion, rare thoughts of suicide, and other types of mental or mood changes and should be immediately told to your doctor right away. If anything else serious occurs such as chest pain, then it is important to get medical attention immediately.


Long-Term Use


 The effects of using Nuvigil on a long-term basis, can result in future sleeping issues. If taken for long extended periods of time, it could be hard for an individual to fall asleep on their own, and also suffer from sleeping disorders or sleeping issue in the future to come.


Short-Term Use


 It has been noted that if this medication is taken in a short amount of time, that it can cause some withdrawal symptoms. Always ask your doctor if you are ready to stop taking the medication. He or she may request you stay on it, but if you want to stop have your doctor help to slowly take you off of Nuvigil. The withdrawal symptoms will include depression, fatigue, low energy, memory problems, poor concentration, and some sleepiness. Always consult with your doctor.


Use As A Nootropic


 There are advocates that are commonly using Nuvigil in their stacks, and stack are a concoction of minerals, vitamins, and supplements that are created to give benefits that result in a positive effect, and they can work together to be more effective. Nuvigil has a higher safety margin, therefore, it is a popular stimulant in nootropic stacks. It is added to these so that whoever may use it will be less fatigued and will be allowed to perform for a longer extended amount of time.




 As an individual begins to use Nuvigil they will be able to notice the beneficial effects as well as some negative ones. It will help them to remain able to stay awake for a long time and be able to efficiently and sufficiently get through their work days or to help fight off fatigue that health issues cause. However, you could end up looking pale while on this medication, develop frequent headaches, some shortness of breathe and wheezing, irregular heart beat, fever, and possibly some frequent urination. Taking this medication causes more good to come out of it than the bad. It will help you to be able to function, with a few small bumps.




 There has been a recent development discovered in the research of Nuvigil. The Center of Women’s Mental Health has done plenty of research and have examined the efficiency of taking Nuvigil in the treatment of menopause-related fatigue and every quality of life. During this study, these women received open-label armodafinil therapy for an amount of 4 weeks. These symptoms were assessed and after the open-label treatment these women were given an extension of 2 more weeks of this medication. After this duration of time, these women had improved in their symptoms of menopause.




 In June of 2010, a phase 2 study was revealed that armodafinil as a therapy for adults who suffered from schizophrenia, failed the effects of this drug and it was, therefore, terminated. In March of 2010 it was also denied to help with jet lag. However, it does work for sleepiness just not for these areas.


Final Thoughts


 Nuvigil has many beneficial qualities if taken. It will help in every day life, also with working throughout the day to help prevent sleepiness from occurring. Even though there are a few harmless side effects, this drugs aim is more good beneficially, than in a negative way. If taken it will definitely prove to be an incredibly wise choice to make, and doctors approve as well that it is one of the safest ways to promote awakeness.


13 Jan

Modafinil can Help you Exercise

If you’re looking to hold up your New Year’s resolutions then look no further than modafinil. But what does the leading drug for alertness and wakefulness have to do with exercise? The benefits of modafinil for your workouts may surprise you.

Exercise Longer with Modafinil

One of modafinil’s main effects is the ability to enhance concentration and focus for whatever activity you might be doing during your dose. How does this apply to exercise? Proper exercise requires attention to form in order to perform specific movements more efficiently and to avoid injury. If your exercise plan includes weight-lifting, then you’ll find modafinil will help sustain your attention and improve your focus when performing your reps.

If you’re keener on endurance exercises, such as bicycling or running, modafinil can help your distances in the same way. The increased focus on the exercise itself will help to distract you from the exhaustion and pain associated with the activity. You’re effectively blocking it out with modafinil.

Exercise Harder with Modafinil

Related to the previous point, modafinil has the ability to reduce pain mildly. Sharper pains on modafinil are more likely to be mild, dull aches. This can be helpful with workouts, but it comes with some risk. If you exercise on modafinil, remember that pain is your body’s natural communication system. It’s your body’s way of saying that what you’re doing is pushing your limits. While modafinil may reduce this sensation, it doesn’t mean that you’re free to go. You could push yourself too far and risk injury with the pain-reducing effect of modafinil.

Another risk is dehydration. Since modafinil is a diuretic, you’ll find yourself passing water faster on the pill. With workouts your body expends a significant amount of water in sweat, so it’s important to stay extra hydrated while working out on modafinil.

Form Better Exercise Habits with Modafinil

The most important thing that modafinil does for everyone is helping you to commit to an activity. Whether it’s studying, working, or a personal activity like working out, modafinil will help you construct better habits. As it’s an all-day pill you’re more likely to have an organized, productive day. Now imagine that effect over the course of a week. You can use modafinil to establish solid habits, like working out three days a week. Replace your morning coffee with a modafinil pill and plan your week, then watch it unfold beautifully. And you’ll save money too.

The proof is in the rules: Modafinil is banned from most every sports league, and several players have been suspended from play for using modafinil. In some cases, Olympic gold-winning athletes have had their medals stripped away for using modafinil. Major sports legislators from FIFA to the NFL have banned the substance due to the fact that it helps athletes perform better, longer, and harder. But if you’re not a professional athlete, and you’re in a country where modafinil is legal to import, consider giving it a try to help improve your exercise habits and performance.

Make those New Year’s resolutions stick with modafinil at your side.

12 Jan

Keep your New Year’s Resolutions with Modafinil

If you’re anything like me and most other people out there, every year you try to set at least one goal for yourself. New Year’s resolutions have the tendency to fall apart in short order. Anyone who’s gotten a gym membership in January knows how full the car park gets, and how empty it is in February (if you’ve hung around long enough).

So with that in mind, I wanted to take a look at how modafinil could help people with their New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight / Get into Shape

By far the number one option, whether it’s losing 10lb or toning those muscles. So how can you keep this resolution with modafinil? Well for one, modafinil is being tested for clinical approval for weight loss. Modafinil reduces appetite, the ultimate enemy of the weight loss goal. A pill day can keep cravings away and help you stick to a more rigid diet.

Another benefit is that modafinil can improve your exercise routines by giving you some additional focus and stamina. It’s a banned substance in almost every sports league for this very fact. I’ve taken it before going on runs and find that I can stay concentrated on my form and I’ve seen a small improvement in distance as well. Having said that, it’s important to hydrate more than usual if you’re taking modafinil while working out. As modafinil dehydrates you faster, you’ll need to replenish plenty of fluids to avoid cramps and have a safe workout.

New Year’s Resolution: Complete a Project

This one is a little vague, because it covers so many things. Maybe it’s that website you’ve always wanted to start, or the business venture in the back of your head. Perhaps you need to add a wing onto the house, or you’ve got a novel you’re dying to write. Whatever your project is, you can use modafinil to give you the extra focus needed to get the job done right, and in the timeframe you desire.

Speaking from my personal experience as a writer, modafinil helps to streamline my mind and put together clearer thoughts and more organized material. It’s great for writing articles, quite a few of the ones you’ve read here were written on modafinil.

Nevertheless, it’s important to be organized first. Modafinil won’t magically make plans for you, but it will help you follow those plans and maximize your daily potential. Several business owners and writers have commented on how modafinil helped them to be more productive. It might just be the spark you need.

New Year’s Resolution: Learn to (insert activity here)

If you’re already in university, then this should be on your list of resolutions anyway. But if you’re no longer a student, you might have an interest in learning a new language, picking up a sport, or finally figuring out how to play the keytar. Whatever you’d like to learn, modafinil can help you out. As discussed on this site before, modafinil can improve your memory and aid in the acquisition of new information. Learning can sometimes be boring as well, and that’s where the extra concentration and attentiveness will benefit you. I was taking modafinil with some Italian classes in 2015, and found that I was more engaged in the lesson and participated more than I normally would.

Those are a few of the most common resolutions that modafinil might work for. If you’ve got any other New Year’s resolutions that you want to make good on, let us know and share your modafinil experiences.

03 Jan

How Long does Modafinil Last?

It’s widely known that modafinil is commonly taken to sustain energy throughout the day. It was designed to prevent people from falling asleep, so it has to work for a while. Yet how long does modafinil actually last and stay in your body? And what does that have to do with the effects of the pill itself?

Half-lives Matter

A number that’s often thrown around when this question comes up is the “half-life” of the medicine. The term “half-life” refers to the time it takes for there to be half of a given amount of a substance. The term originates with nuclear physics, where an unstable element decays into another one at a fixed rate and thus makes it easy to calculate its half-life. For instance, if you had 100kg of cesium-137, a common nuclear waste isotope, you’d have only 50kg after 30 years. That’s one half-life, and if you wait another, you’d get 25kg in 60 years, and so on.

In the body however the process gets trickier, because we’re not talking about a stable, constant, observable nuclear process. The human body has many more variables that make it hard to pin down the exact process. One way that medical researchers determine the half-life of a medicine is to measure its concentration in the patient’s blood. Seeing as it’s the blood that carries medicine to the places it’s needed, it makes sense that we should measure its content there.

Modafinil reaches peak blood plasma concentrations quickly: In about 2-3 hours after taking the pill you will be at maximum modafinil capacity. So how long will it stay there? To understand this we have to talk about how modafinil is composed of two enantiomers, or mirror versions of the same substance. Even though they are nearly identical forms of the same compound, they can have different effects on the body. In modafinil’s case the pill you take is a 50/50 mixture of the R and S enantiomers, and their half lives are different: 15 hours for the R and 4 for the S.

So, just take 15 and 4, get 19, divide by two and we’ve got our average half-life, right? Well it’s still not quite that simple because the R enantiomer is the one that’s responsible for most of the function of modafinil. This is so true that they’ve recently started selling only the R enantiomer on its own as “armodafinil”. So in reality modafinil’s half-life is closer to 10-12 hours, probably less than twelve.

Why does the half-life matter so much? Effectively it tells us when the medicine should be wearing off. By the half-life time, it’s literally half as potent as it was before, which can mean that it no longer affects certain systems in your body. And in medicine a half-life is not necessarily linear, it can come very suddenly. It serves as a useful market to note where and when your medicine is going to stop working and it helps doctors plan dosage schedules.

Just to speak from personal experience, I find that around 10 hours after I take modafinil it’s less powerful. In fact, it’s usually right around that time that I start feeling a little tired. By 12 hours, I feel like I could sleep pretty soon, though not quite yet. For me it’s about 15 hours before I can sleep, and at that point in time less than 50mg of my original 200mg is still in my body. Most users report similar findings.

How long do large doses of modafinil last?

If you take bigger doses the same rules apply. For instance, if you took 400mg of modafinil you’ll be down to about half of that in roughly 10 hours, meaning that you still have 200mg in your system and you should be able to continue working on that dose. That dose will take another 10 hours to reduce to 100mg. So a large 400mg dose could keep you active for an entire 24-hour day. As with everything in the human body it gets more complicated: You build up short-term tolerance to virtually every drug, reducing its potency as you go. This is different from the long-term tolerance which prevents you from feeling the same effects day after day over the course of a long time. Short-term tolerance is very short-term, perhaps within the same hour or so. Eventually you may notice that your extra dose isn’t having an equal effect, and this is normal. Plus, as you’ve been working hard the whole day, that extra modafinil is making up for a lot of exhaustion, and there’s only so much it can do.

400mg a day is often linked by users to an 18 hour work day, perhaps a double shift of a heavy duty study session.

So how long does modafinil really last?

By all accounts a 200mg dose of modafinil should give you peak performance for at least 8 hours. There should be another 2-4 hours of reduced effects, but still potent enough for the pill to do its job. After that, the medicine is mostly out of your system and its effects will be limited. Bear in mind that individual metabolisms may vary, and the rate of absorption can be affected by eating a large meal before taking a pill, for instance.

Make sure that you plan your modafinil days well in order to get the most out of your dose.

01 Jan

Can you Drink Alcohol on Modafinil?

Many medications recommend not drinking due to the possibility of a bad reaction between the two chemicals. This advice is often ignored by many people who find that it is usually a doctor’s over-cautious suggestion, and that little actual harm will come from doing so. However, every medicine is different and in some instances the warning should be taken very seriously.

The makers of modafinil discourage drinking while on modafinil. However there is no explicit warning that combining the two can be hazardous.

Given modafinil’s status as a popular drug for university students, and university students’ penchant for parties, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are quite a few reports of individuals mixing the two substances.

Dangers of drinking alcohol while on modafinil

While modafinil and alcohol do not interact in a negative way, one can amplify the other’s side effects.

For instance, both alcohol and modafinil dehydrate the body faster, meaning that if you do not drink more water (which most drinkers often forget to do) you’ll be in for a rough hangover the next day, as well as the potential risk of dehydration and overheating if you’re dancing or in a hot climate. This is very dangerous and care should be taken to stay hydrated every time you’re drinking, modafinil or no.

Another risk is that you can become drunker than you expected. One possible reason for this is that modafinil reduces appetite, and if you have not eaten before drinking you will feel the effects of alcohol faster. Secondly, modafinil combats the depressant effect of alcohol. You may not feel as sleepy or quite as drunk as you really are, leading you to drink more and assume that everything is fine. When the modafinil wears off, or if you continue drinking, you can suffer disastrous consequences. Users have reported drinking to the point of blacking out, a result of not being aware of how intoxicated they actually were.

Safely drinking alcohol on Modafinil

If you have taken modafinil and you are going to be drinking, you should exercise caution. Eat regularly as you normally do, even if you have a reduced appetite. Make sure to drink more water than you typically would, although this may mean a few extra trips to the bathroom. Above all, do not drink in excess. Respect your regular limits with alcohol, even though modafinil may enable you to surpass them for a moment, the consequences later can be serious.

When it comes to drinking and medication, safety should be your first priority. Avoid mixing modafinil and alcohol, and do not use modafinil as a means to stay up and party all night. If you’ve taken modafinil in the morning or early afternoon and are going out that night, be aware that it takes over 12 hours for modafinil to leave your body. Don’t forget about that dose you had earlier in the day. Be smart with your smart drug.