30 Nov

Long-term Effects of Modafinil

Originally, chronic sufferers of sleep disorders would be the only long-term users of modafinil. Conditions such as narcolepsy can’t be cured, only managed. As with any medicine, long-term effects can appear far down the road. What are the long-term effects of Modafinil?

Studies have shown that modafinil is extremely safe for long-term use, with a 9-month study being the longest one available. As of yet there are no published safety studies that examine patients for a year or more.

Taking into account what we definitely know, we can also make some projections about modafinil’s long-term effects.

Long-term effects: What we know

The first question researchers ask is “Is this drug going to be effective in the long term?” This is a huge question to answer. If a patient develops tolerance or dependence on the medicine, it can have hazardous effects down the line.

Tolerance is when a drug no longer works as well as it did before, forcing you to take more and more. Tolerance and dependence go hand in hand; dependence means you suffer negative effects when you stop taking the drug, also known as withdrawal symptoms. A large study on patients with depression showed no potential for tolerance, dependence, or abuse.

No study has shown any negative effects on patients’ health, outside of the normal side effects.

Positive long-term effects

If there aren’t any negative long-term effects from modafinil use, could there be good ones? Aside from the obvious benefit of improving a person’s condition, there could actually be some very uplifting benefits of modafinil in the long term.


Experts in psychology say it takes around 6 weeks to form a new habit. It’s possible to train yourself on modafinil to be more productive, and forge a habit that will stick with you even without the pill. Since modafinil helps you focus and get more done, you could have a long-term improvement in your work ethic if you use it diligently.


Life can get out of hand for all of us sometimes. Maybe you have too many things to do at once, or your work has many steps that create confusing situations. Whatever the case, you can become more organized by sticking to a modafinil schedule.

Make lists for the things you need to do, break down your activities into steps, and use modafinil’s ability to improve your executive cognition. Once you know how your brain works on modafinil, you could consciously do the same thing later.

Potential long-term problems

On the other hand, we could project some possible problems with modafinil when used for a long period of time.


You might feel like you can take on the world and do anything with modafinil, but be careful not to devote your entire life to work. If you take on more than you can handle, your stress levels can rise. Stress is detrimental to your health, it can even shave years off of your life.

The key, as with everything, is balance. You absolutely can improve yourself and your behavior with modafinil, but be mindful of your work-life balance. Take a day off from time to time and relax. You’ve earned it with all that work you’ve done!

23 Nov

Modafinil Helps Patients with Brain Tumors

Modafinil continues to find novel applications in medicine. New research is being conducted based on a 2012 study that found modafinil useful for helping patients with brain tumors. Doctors diagnose over 70,000 brain tumors every year. Roughly 1/3 of them are malignant. In either case, brain tumors present unique complications for patients.

How modafinil helps patients with brain tumors

Modafinil itself won’t remove a tumor. You need serious chemotherapy or radiation treatments to do that. But there are two ways that modafinil can contribute to a patient’s recovery and quality of life.

Reducing the side effects of tumor treatment

First, modafinil helps to alleviate some of the symptoms of tumor treatment. Chemotherapy patients, for instance, experience extreme fatigue and exhaustion, which can make even basic tasks a chore. The extra energy that modafinil grants can offset the negative side effects of treatment. The result is that the patient is usually able to take on more treatments, helping them get better sooner.

Softening the Symptoms of Brain Tumors

The second, and the most interesting benefit of modafinil in tumor patients, is cognitive. Modafinil’s cognitive effects are the main reason the drug sells so well. Brain tumors can directly impact a person’s cognitive abilities, as does the treatment.

Many brain tumor patients find it difficult to think clearly, or suffer unusual mood swings. Memory also degrades in many cases. The brain is very sensitive and doctors still don’t fully understand how it works. But it’s pretty clear that a foreign object in the brain is not good. Tumors, depending on where they are, can disrupt normal brain functions. Imagine how frustrating it would be to feel your power to think slip away. Doctors are constantly searching for a way to help patients stay mentally strong while undergoing treatment.

With that in mind, this study compared modafinil to Ritalin and found that both were about equally effective in improving cognitive function, but modafinil produced fewer side effects. The patients who had deteriorated the most also benefited the most. While it was a small study, the researchers believe that the results would hold up in a wider investigation.

What you should do

Of course, if you or someone you know is dealing with a brain tumor, you never start any treatment without consulting a doctor first. In delicate situations like these people often feel helpless and desperate, willing to try anything. But going rogue can lead to more problems, especially if drugs interact in the wrong way.

We’re still a long way from curing cancer, but at least with modafinil patients can improve their recovery process and increase their quality of life.



21 Nov

Is Modafinil Addictive?

With modafinil use on the rise in students around the world, researchers are stopping to ask an important question: Is modafinil addictive, and if so, should we be concerned?

Modafinil enthusiasts highlight several case studies that show that modafinil is not addictive, but some outlying examples have shaken that theory up. In addition, the studies that are out there have not looked at the whole spectrum of addiction, which means modafinil could be more addictive than we previously thought.

The different kinds of addictive

Broadly speaking you can classify addictions into two distinct categories. First, you have physical dependency. This is when your body literally craves the drug. Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms appear with physically addictive substances. Nicotine and Caffeine are two of the most common physically addictive chemicals we consume on a daily basis. Think about that headache you get if you miss your morning coffee, or how you can become irritable and jittery without your cigarette.

But that’s not the only type of addiction out there. Substances can also be psychologically, or mentally addictive. This occurs when you simply want more of the drug because you like its effects, but don’t necessarily feel a physical need to take it. Cocaine, surprisingly, is not very addictive physically, but psychologically it can be very powerful. With mental addictions, users often dose in a specific set of circumstances.

The repeated use of a drug in a certain circumstance forms a habit that can be difficult to break.

Modafinil: Not physically addictive

Numerous studies have shown that modafinil has little to no potential for dependency. One rare case was found by Indian doctors, but the patient in that case had a psychotic breakdown years prior due to his father’s death. He reportedly took larger doses of modafinil than normal, which led to him developing dependence. Outside of this severe case, no study has shown a solid link between modafinil and physical addiction.

Modafinil can be psychologically addictive

Teenrehabcenter.org recently added a section about modafinil abuse in young adults. The problem appears to be growing as more teens compete to get high marks on exams and enter the best universities.

For some students, modafinil can be a game changer. Imagine taking a pill and suddenly seeing your performance improve. That rush of positive feelings can push you to take more. Before you know it, you can’t study or take a test without modafinil. This dangerous cycle is what modafinil’s psychological addiction looks like. Parents are concerned.

Preventing modafinil addiction

The key to avoiding psychological dependence is to use modafinil, or any drug, sparingly and in moderate amounts. Save it for emergencies. Don’t make it an every-day habit even though you might benefit from it in the short term. It’s important to be able to be you without a pill.

When you do take modafinil, keep it to the 200mg standard dose. The shreds of evidence that support modafinil being addictive always involve higher doses.

Modafinil is extremely well tolerated and, in general, people have nothing to worry about. But if used improperly there is a slight potential for abuse. Stick to the guidelines here and you should have no trouble with modafinil.


14 Nov

Microdosing with Modafinil

Do Microdosing and Modafinil Mix?

A new trend in nootropic use has emerged in recent years with the concept of microdosing. Microdosing is when a user takes a dose that’s much lower than the typically recommended one. Is taking less really a better option?

Benefits of Microdosing

Those who embrace microdosing say that it gives you at least some of the benefits of a particular medicine or chemical without as much of the harmful risk. For instance, a dose that’s 25% of a regular dose may not show side effects while giving the user some benefits. People who are more sensitive to drugs can benefit from this approach.

Microdosers also suggest that using a lower dose allows you take more substances at once. This is especially popular in the nootropic world as people create “stacks” of compounds that they take simultaneously. In essence, it’s the “little bit of everything” method to improving your performance.

Nootropics can get expensive, so microdosing also helps to stretch your supply farther and save money. But does it actually work?

Micro dose, mega proof

Surprisingly microdosing is nothing new. While its recent popularity might make you think it’s a new development, the concept is as old as the pharmaceutical industry. Experiments throughout the 50s and 60s tried to use psychedelic drugs in micro doses to see if they had any therapeutic benefits for patients. LSD particularly was used in this regard and the results were quite promising before being shut down due to LSD’s addition to Schedule 1.

A bizarre reverse case of microdosing was with the Russian-made AMT, now illegal. It was originally designed to be a potent anti-depressant, and trials showed that with just a very small amount it was extremely effective. However people who took more than that amount started to have LSD-like symptoms including hallucinations, and production was halted.

What confounds doctors today is the potential for problems with the placebo effect. At small doses, it can be hard to tell if the patient is really experiencing effects from the drugs, or if it’s all in his mind. This makes microdosing something of a pseudo-science, because it’s so hard to measure.

Microdosing modafinil

A lot of people (myself included) like to chop a modafinil pill in half and take 100mg instead of 200. Others go even further and take 50mg at a time. Users have described this as a shorter effect, which can be useful for a late-afternoon dose when you still want to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Others who have tried 50mg find that the effect is too weak compared to what they are used to and would rather take more.

If you want to add modafinil to your microdosing stack, it might make sense to try 50mg and go up from there if need be. Doses smaller than that seem to be impossible to differentiate between real effects and placebo. As modafinil is well tolerated by most people, microdosing it seems to be somewhat pointless. Unless you have serious side effects from using modafinil, stick to the regular doses.

10 Nov

The Top 5 Things to Do on Modafinil

Modafinil is popular among a wide variety of people because of its ability to make normally boring tasks easy to handle. With that in mind, let’s look at…

The top 5 things to do while you’re on Modafinil.


Of course this is first on the list! Students are by far the largest group of modafinil users. In many universities significant percentages of students report having used modafinil recently for studying. In some places this is over 25% of the student body, an astounding number when you consider that in the case of large campuses this represents over 25,000 people.

Why is Modafinil so good for studying? It helps you focus and concentrate on something for a long period of time, which makes it perfect for reading through those thick textbooks and dense PDFs. As an added bonus, it helps you to stay awake, which is great if you have to pull an all-nighter to get ready for that exam.

While there’s currently no real evidence that Modafinil improves memory and learning, you can expect to at least learn at your normal pace while getting more done.


Naturally if Modafinil is good for those long study sessions, it should help you crunch the questions on your upcoming exam, right? Today’s exams are getting longer, and standardized testing in high schools and increasingly in universities demands more time and energy from students than they naturally have. Consider that some exams can last upwards of 3 hours. How do you maintain your focus on a grueling paper without some help? Modafinil can sharpen your brain when the test hits the table.


I write on Modafinil, and why wouldn’t I? It helps me to sit down and pound out the work, something notoriously difficult for a chronic procrastinator like myself. Writing can become tedious after a while, making it difficult to put together a long quality writing session. With Modafinil guiding you, you can settle into your favorite chair and type until your fingers bleed.

Obviously this is a huge advantage for anyone working on term papers or their thesis. Research papers benefit as well. I find that with my university work I’m able to dive deeper into the discussion and get absorbed into the research, producing quality references and a better paper overall.

Careful if you need to write something creative. Modafinil has been shown to limit divergent thinking, the key to coming up with clever solutions to problems.


Work in an office? Most people do nowadays. Nothing sucks the joy out of life like a stack of paperwork. It seems that no job can steer clear of the mountains of forms and documents needed by today’s companies and governments. Take it from a teacher, Marie, who gave us her story and highlighted how much Modafinil had helped.

At the end of the semester I have to make reports for EVERY student I taught. In a packed urban public school system that means writing around 150 separate documents. The worst part is how useless these are. Nobody really reads them, yet they’re required by the school board. A couple of years ago I discovered Modafinil and now it’s my secret weapon when the paperwork piles up. I actually got all 147 of my students’ files finished in a single day this year. I’m so proud! Couldn’t have done it without the teacher’s little helper though.

Burn through that boring paperwork in record time with Modafinil.


Another thankless, dreary task that simply must be done. Modafinil’s gift of making even the most mind-numbing activities bearable comes in handy here. I tend to do a single chore at a time and take a needless break between each one, which only drags out the process. With Modafinil however, I power through the whole workload in a single rush that leaves my flat dazzling in just a couple of hours.

Best part? You’ll be more thorough. Just like how Modafinil will lead you down the research rabbit hole, you’ll find your cleaning to be much more detailed and meticulous. You’ll never see me lift up the microwave and clean under there unless a round white pill made its way into my system that morning.

What else does Modafinil help you with? Share your stories and comments with us. We love hearing from you!




05 Nov

What is the Best Dosage of Armodafinil?


Armodafinil Dosages, What amount is Best?

 What is this?

Armodafinil otherwise referred to as Nuvigil is a special nootropic drug that when consumed by users helps to promote their wakefulness levels and concentration levels as well The drug is mainly produced by a pharmaceutical company known as Cephalon, and the drug was also approved for Public us by the FDA in mid-2007. While modafinil and armodafinil can be said to possess similar half-lives, the latter tends to reach a more Armodafinil Prescriptionpotent concentration level in the blood much later after consumption than modafinil. For this reason, armodafinil is a more potent wakefulness-promoting agent especially in users who have excessive daytime sleep complications or sleep apnea.


Armodafinil is a legal drug that has approval from the FDA for treating a broad spectrum of sleep-related complications such as sleep apnea and daytime-related sleepiness. Besides that, the supplement also makes for an excellent solution for treating shift work disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome in some users. It is also a prevalent solution for students and medical practitioners who want immense focus levels.


For complications such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work related sleep disorders, the recommended dosage for the drug ranges in between 150 mg and 250mg dosages especially in the morning. To be specific, for those who want t to improve productivity levels at work or perhaps when preparing for a test, the recommended dosage is 150mg.


Since the consumer market is packed with a broad spectrum of armodafinil versions but all with a similar potency level, the average price range tends to vary depending on various factors. For instance, the average price range that you are likely to come across when purchasing this supplement for your unique needs ranges in between 44$ to an average of 79$.

Safety Concerns

When it comes to all types of supplements, various health concerns are always available for any prospective user of the given drug. Since armodafinil is a highly potent drug, the recommended dosage is 150 mg and a maximum of 500mg in one single day. Surpassing the levels mentioned above would lead to liver toxicity and even harm your C.N.S system/

Long-term Use

Similar to using most types of nootropics that are available on the consumer market today, Armodafinil has some notable side effects that the users should take into account for their unique health needs. For instance, some of the long-term health concerns include anxiety, anorexia, nervousness and fatigue in some rare cases as well.


According to a recent study by University Students in Harvard, students that used nootropics just before a test reported better grades and had enhanced cognitive capabilities as well. Besides that, the research study also documented that the users had experienced improved levels of both long and short-term memory as well.

Reviews on Longecity and Reddit

Tom Hopkins on Longecity says:

I have been using nootropic drugs for a long time now and without noticing any significant benefits of using the drugs. However since I tried out the armodafinil, I must say that my productivity results when it comes to completing my accounting task have skyrocketed. The additional benefit of using this drug is that it is legal and has no major side effects.

Lucy Deerson son Reddit says:

When it comes to mind altering substances or prescriptions, I often recommend that my medical clients stay away from the drugs as far as possible. However, since we discovered Armodafinil, I must say that I have recommended this drug to a broad spectrum of clients including those who have demanding dissertations to write, academic papers and even those who have to drive for long distances. What’s more is that it is readily available online.

Side Effects

Armodafinil is a potent nootropic drug that should be consumed with some level of caution. Since it increases focus and reduces the effects of sleep, it’s important that you consume it several hours before retiring to bed. Besides that, overdosing on the drug may lead to liver toxicity, and it may harm your cognitive capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Broadly speaking, this supplement is a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to improve their overall focus and concentration levels. The drug works well to mitigate a broad spectrum of health complications, and users are therefore recommended to use it as recommended on the packaging or perhaps by the doctor.