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Can You Snort Modafinil?

Can you snort Modafinil


Most people have trouble in swallowing capsules and pills or take other liquid oral medications. While this study drug called Modafinil is helping students to get their degrees can it be taken in some other form? In short, can you snort Modafinil to get the right effects? Would it be the right thing to do?


Do students really take this study drug?


Unofficial surveys do suggest that at least one student in five takes this smart drug to boost the mental faculties. This is not just a party drug that brings euphoria. However, it is the drug that even Olympians use to increase their performance. Taking this drug will not help a student in achieving anything extraordinary, but will improve the efficient functioning of the mental faculties.


Methods of ingesting Modafinil and effects


  • If taken in a form of a 200 mg pill at 8 am in the morning, one can remain fully active until midnight


  • If ingested in liquid suspension it will take 1-2 hours to get activated


  • In case infarcation or nasal route is chosen, then it becomes an instant hit. It will also last longer.


A pill cannot be crushed and snorted. The powder form is also available. However, the best way is to have it is in the pill form. It goes via the digestive tract and then to the brain. It is safe and there are no side effects. Those who have snorted by crushing the pill have experienced fewer energy levels and for lesser time.


Some students who have snorted have also experienced heightened activity…just like carrying not one but two monkeys over the shoulder! Youngsters in any case have lots of energy and snorting a stimulant can double it up. However, one thing is certain that it is not right to abuse the physical body and mental strength too much. It eventually catches up in various negative ways.


How to consume Modafinil


The best way is to first seek medical advice and then go by the prescription and instructions on the label. Oral medication is the best method as it goes into the system in the right manner-through the digestive tract. Once you have it, the effects will appear within three hours as you feel a sense of alertness and need to work/study with a sharp focus. Students taking this drug should be aware of the pros and cons.


What are the Pros:


  1. It is like an alarm clock.
  2. Lots of study work can be done in a few hours
  3. Material can be memorized with clarity
  4. It works for nearly 6 hours once medication is taken


And Cons:


  1. You may be anti-social or snappy as attention is one-pointed
  2. If you move outdoors be careful not to be on the mobile phone or play games while walking
  3. Mood swings are not ruled out in some cases


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