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What Is Flmodafinil


Flmodafinil is a nootropic drug that is a modification of modafinil. It is stronger and contains double fluoro derivate of modafinil. Just like modafinil, it is a wakefulness drug. It is an effective drug and easily gets into the blood once injected. It is four times stronger than modafinil and 20 times stronger than adrafinil.




Flmodafinil is taken as a capsule or tablet. It is recommended to take one to three tablets a day. This translates to about 100 to 200 milligrams a day. The maximum dosage should be 200 milligrams. However, there are factors that determine the dosage such as the user’s weight, health and age.




Flmodafinil has the following advantages;


l It enhances the capacity of the brain to function optimally

l It boosts memory

l It increases analytical capability

l It promotes motivation in individuals

l It results in wakefulness in individuals with excess sleepiness

l It enhances alertness for those working long hours

l It protects the brain from physical and chemical damage

l It relieves mild depression and helps with attention deficit disorders

Side Effects


There has not been much research on the side effects of this drug. However, since Flmodafinil affects the nervous system and your judgement, individuals should be careful not to engage in intense tasks. They should also take small doses of this drug in order to fully understand how they react to it. Prolonged use affects the natural operation of the brain. There is also the risk of insomnia and anxiety.


Long-Term Use


Flmodafinil affects the operation of the neurotransmitters and therefore results in better memory and retention. However, long term use interferes with the natural functioning of the brain. There is also the possibility of insomnia and anxiety. Long term use also affects how the body reacts to other chemicals.


Short-Term Use


.co.uk thingThe correct dosage of Flmodafinil makes one feel more awake, productive and creative. It does not cause anxiety or cause a dry mouth. It also increases appetite and the body requires more food in order to generate more energy. It boosts awareness in just one hour after use. It also lessens fatigue.






Since Flmodafinil is an enhancement of modafinil, it is based on the research done on modafinil. Modafinil came to life as a wakefulness drug and because of its ability to influence sleep. Research further focuses on the way this drug affects the brain and the cognitive functions.




Modafinil has been in existence since the 1970s and is attributed to Michael Jouvet. It was meant to treat sleep disorders and started as adrafinil. Flmodafinil is a recent enhancement of modafinil and it has become popular in the market because of its effects.


Effects on Focus


Flmodafinil treats attention deficit, perception, thought process and mental dysfunction. It regulates orexin that is associated with focus. Flmodafinil also influences the function of the neurotransmitters that determine how the brain works. It encourages the coordination between the left and right hemisphere of the brain to result in more attention.


How Long Does This Last?


Flmodafinil is stronger than other nootropics. It lasts longer in the body than coffee. About 200 milligrams of this drug starts acting immediately and can last up to 24 hours. It is therefore recommended to take a low dosage when using it for the first time.


Is This Legal?


Flmodafinil is a legal drug. It is also important to buy these drugs from established and reputable suppliers in order to get quality drugs. There are also online stores that sell this drug.


Final Thoughts


All drugs, just like Flmodafinil, have positive and negative effects. The most important thing is to take the right dosage from the beginning. Flmodafinil requires intake of the least amount of the drug at the beginning as you weigh it. You can increase the dosage subsequently.





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