25 Dec

Modafinil for ADHD

How is modafinil as an ADHD medication


When a person has been diagnosed with ADHD, it is important to understand the condition and also take a proper treatment for it. The drugs that are used need to correspond to the condition and also offer maximum results. Individuals with this condition tend to get distracted easily. Since one of the basic properties of Modafinil is to help an individual to focus, it is being seen as a stimulant for some patients. Controlling some of the severe symptoms is important. How is modafinil as an ADHD medication, is determined by the condition of the patient.


Why stimulants are essential for ADHD patients


There are two kinds of medications that are important in treating such cases. The drugs can provide short-term relief and others long-term actions. For any doctor, it is a trial-and-error method that will help the patient to get the right set of drugs and prescribe them. Until now, psychostimulants have been most popular and in nearly 80% cases, the distractions are ignored. The patient is then able to focus on the thoughts. They can be used for children and adults and those who have severe conditions of ADHD. There are many kinds of anti-depressants also that are used as part of the treatment. With therapy and drugs, the condition can really be managed in adults and children.


ADHD affects the behavior of the person. Such a disorder can be mild or severe. There are standard treatments and drugs. However, if a doctor really wishes to take a chance using other classes of drugs, it can also bring a positive change.


Why is Modafinil so promising?


Some of the current stimulants that are being used are at high risk for ADHD patients. Considering that this nootropic is able to help and also has the least number of side effects is a good choice. Many doctors are prescribing it in many medical cases in developed countries. The drug promotes the mood of the patient. It makes the person more vigilant and prevents sleep disorders if this is one of the problems a patient suffers.  This has been successfully been taken by patients without any heart problems, anxiety issues or withdrawal systems.


The FDA is yet to approve its use for ADHD patients. Although there are studies that it is good for such people, there is a hitch. However, the good news is that the FDA allows this drug to be taken for other issues. A doctor is also allowed to prescribe it if he feels the patient is likely to respond to it favorably. No two cases are alike and the same goes for individualizing the treatment package for such patients. It is the brain that is wired differently in these patients. One of the common drugs used is Ritalin. However, in comparison to Modafinil, it pales. The latter is a better choice, as it does not provide side effects. In case of Ritalin, the patient may feel depressed, or dizzy or even have a headache. What would you opt for?s



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