27 Jan

How Modafinil affects seratonin receptors

How Modafinil affects Serotonin


Serotonin is described as the happy hormone in our body. However, when the mood swings, chances are there is a dip in the happiness quotient. It simply means that depression takes over. The brain’s function is altered. Some of its emotional meter, responses and ability to be sociable get reduced. It happens for lots of varied reasons. Some drugs help one to get out of the depressive mood. There is a lot of debate going on about how modafinil affects serotonin into the brain. Let’s see whether this drug, meant for wakefulness inducing function, can make one feel happier.


What is dipping serotonin levels all about


Serotonin is a brain chemical that gets affected when people get depressed. It is made in the digestive tract of the body. It handles moods, memory, cravings for emotional support, self-esteem, tolerance to digestion and also the body-temperature regulation. People living in countries where sunlight comes after long time, experience this kind of depression where they need warmth and need to go outdoors.


In such cases, even normal people feel the lack of sunlight and need a break from the long winters. They need to calm the senses…they need to make the brain feel warm and better. Introducing Vitamin B in the meals is a good thing. It will keep the serotonin in balance. It lowers the symptoms of depression in a big way. It helps to overcome stress and fatigue that may plague while at work. For some time now, Modafinil, the smart drug is being monitored as a potential source of giving serotonin its balance. Tests have been done and clinical workers are figuring if it can be an anti-depressant to help such people to feel better.


Can Modafinil work as an anti-depressant?


This is where Modafinil affects serotonin positively. Its properties of improving the brain function also include alleviating the levels of this chemical. It can enhance the extracellular serotonin. It works like an anti-depressant. Until now, the drug has been used for keeping vigilant in certain classes of people. It has been helping people to remain awake who work at odd hours. Its role in helping people with imbalance of serotonin is being tested. In low doses, it has been found to have a positive effect. If it is used with the classical medication of anti-depressants, then it is useful.


Chief reasons for use of smart drug

Now that you know that serotonin is an important chemical in the brain, it is critical to keep it balanced. Modafinil is a mood blockbuster. It can make you feel energetic and lively. There is no chance of depression affecting one’s mind, body or soul when the right medication is taken.


If depression hits you in any way, then avoid having caffeine in any form. It further dips this chemical and makes things worse. Eating the right foods and having proper medication is far better. A piece of dark chocolate also will promote immense happiness.




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