09 Feb

Modafinil in the News

Modafinil.co.uk brings you some of the latest stories that have been circulating worldwide about modafinil in the news.

The first item is yet another example of sports leagues fighting modafinil as a UK cyclist was banned and had his 12-hour time trial record stripped away. The cyclist, Robin Townsend, claims that his drink was spiked. I’d say that’s a fairly unlikely story considering that modafinil has been used by many athletes to gain a competitive advantage. The race he had to complete was a 100 mile, 12-hour endurance race. Modafinil also happens to last 12 hours. Coincidence? Seems pretty doubtful. At any rate, the positive test results brought modafinil into the negative spotlight of the sports world again. We already talked about this here on the blog, and again we see another case of modafinil being used in a somewhat unethical manner, depending on your point of view.

While sports may ban people for using modafinil, India is handing it out like candy to its air force. This phenomenon isn’t new and modafinil in the military has been discussed before. Air force pilots may have to endure arduous, long hours of flying time in a military engagement. For instance, the US B-52 bomber is capable of flying for nearly 12 hours with a maximum range of nearly 9000km. Such a vehicle requires precise flying and attention, something that modafinil could certainly help with. It seems fitting that India, the country which produces the vast majority of generic modafinil pills, is using the highly-demanded export for its own defense.

Speaking of defense, the UK, home to many modafinil retailers and a significant portion of its users, has passed a law that has some communities worried about their access to nootropics like modafinil. The Psychoactive Substances Act of 2016 was passed at the end of January and will go into effect in April of this year. But what does it actually mean for people living in the UK?

The law is very unique in terms of drug enforcement. It states that any substance intended for human consumption that is capable of producing a psychoactive effect is unable to be imported or sold in the country. That is an extremely wide net that’s being cast and it’s understandable why people are concerned, since the language is extremely vague and seems to include just about everything. The UK is notoriously hard on drugs, perhaps even more than the United States in many ways. This legislation gives the government authority to attack any new compound that appears on the market.

In some ways this is beneficial. New drugs are developed all the time which have little to no human testing, variable effects, and blurry dosages. This law could protect many people from ingesting something harmful. In the US, these drugs can’t technically be considered illegal because they have not yet been classified as such. Now with this law, the UK doesn’t need to wait to classify it; if it’s not on the approved list, it’s illegal.

But as far as modafinil goes, don’t worry. The law excludes “legitimate substances” including medical products. Modafinil is an approved medication in the UK and so the UK’s laws on importing POMs or “prescription-only medicines” are still in effect. So you should have no problems ordering modafinil in the UK or getting it from a licensed chemist’s.

That’s all the news we have for you right now, bookmark the blog and stay focused and sharp.

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