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Modafinil in the News

Modafinil in the News

Modafinil.co.uk periodically brings you the latest news stories regarding modafinil. This time around we have a pair of polarizing articles on modafinil.

Can you be Limitless with Modafinil? (CBS News)

The first of these comes from CBS’s New York affiliate, boldly comparing modafinil to the drug from the hit movie and now television series “Limitless”. CBS’s reporters discussed the pill with several experts who suggested that there is no strict increase in intelligence with modafinil, rather the medicine makes accessing that brain power easier.
Undoubtedly this article is a pseudo-advertisement for CBS’s own aforementioned program, hence the multiple references to the title “Limitless” in the article and an internal link. Still, it provokes one of the important debates regarding modafinil: Does it actually make you smarter? That’s a topic we’ll tackle another time. Regardless, seeing a mainstream media outlet from a major city report on modafinil is indicative of its growing popularity.

Banned from Sport for Modafinil (The Guardian)

The Guardian has brought up modafinil in a less positive light. Two of the UK’s top rowers were drug tested after their performance in an international competition in Belgium. One of the two failed his test for modafinil which is a banned substance in the rowing community.

Why is modafinil banned in many sports circles? This is largely due to the perception that modafinil could increase a person’s stamina or focus beyond the normal levels seen in the sport. Whether or not this is entirely true has yet to be seen as no serious clinical trials have examined modafinil’s direct effects on athletes in the field. However, many major sports leagues have declared the substance taboo with serious penalties for non-compliance.

And it’s not the first high-profile case either. Kelli White, a star female US sprinter, was handed a 2-year ban for modafinil, amongst other substances. Her record breaking runs were wiped out, and her career stagnated shortly after.
Athletes need to be extremely focused mentally, regardless of the sport they’re a part of. Given that competition is so fierce at the national level, it’s no surprise that some athletes seek out an edge over their opponents. Does it work? The few players who’ve been banned for modafinil were on the top of their game at the time.

The Cure for Laziness (Inverse)

This article by Inverse proposes widespread use of pharmaceuticals such as modafinil with an aim at ending chronic laziness. It even goes as far as to point out the glaring contradiction between caffeine’s acceptance and the stigma surrounding “doping”. Why is one okay and the other not? The article brought up a great point: Self-medication is as old as time and has taken many forms. Substances like modafinil are just the latest chapter in a long history book.

Modafinil and its ilk raise several important questions for ethics and humanity’s future. That might seem like hyperbole, but when you stop and consider the rapid advancements in medical science, the present-day realities of bionics, and ongoing research into integration between man and machine, we have to ask ourselves how far we are going to go to make our bodies and brains better. I for one welcome our pharmaceutical overlords.

That’s all for now. Keep checking in for more modafinil news stories and the latest information and updates worldwide.

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