26 Apr

Modafinil Seizures by US Customs Increase

Exam season is just around the corner and more students are turning to modafinil to stay sharp and prepare for the rigorous tests that lie ahead. The trend continues to grow despite opposition from the United States Customs department.

Seizures of Ritalin, Adderall, and even modafinil have more than doubled over the last five years. It’s been proven to work as students find themselves able to concentrate better and learn more just in time for exams which may determine whether they pass or fail an academic semester. And more of these medicines are being ordered through online pharmacies without a prescription.

The United States has a very strict no-imports policy when it comes to prescription medicines. While the people who buy them are almost never charged with a crime unless they are caught importing massive quantities with intent to resell, the law is still firmly in place. The most common reason politicians give for these rules is to protect consumers from potentially dangerous consequences. Of course, severe side effects do occur in a small percentage of the population, and without a doctor to supervise, the chances of this occurring are greater.

However, modafinil has been proven to be safe for everyone and even the most serious side effects are not life threatening. Customs officials, in response, bring up another issue: Faulty products with the potential to kill. Yet even though the counterfeit and subpar quality drug industry pulls in over $70 billion dollars annually, few if any deaths occur in modern countries. It makes sense: Why would a counterfeit drug maker want to kill their customers? The truth is that they often put very little of the active ingredient and rely on the placebo effect. You take a pill that in reality does almost nothing to you, but you think you’re getting something real, and you sense some vague effect.

The real reason customs enforces this law so strictly is that it protects the US pharmaceutical industry, the largest in the world. Modafinil imported from India is made by reputable companies with great safety records. Modafinil itself has not been found to cause death or serious side effects. But the brand-name Provigil costs over $40 a pill in the United States, and to keep the profits coming in the US needs to make sure that individuals don’t import pills from abroad.

So know that while you may be placing an order from a trustworthy vendor, your order may not make it into the United States, especially as they are on high alert during exam season. Having said that, it’s impossible for them to filter every shipment that comes into the country as the USPS reports around 500 million packages delivered every day. While much of that is domestic, it means that inspecting every shipment is unrealistic.

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