25 Dec

What is Modafinil Used for?

What is Modafinil used for?


A few years ago, Modafinil was prescribed to people who suffered from narcolepsy. The idea was to keep them awake. With the passage of time, and the kind of lifestyles most people lead today, the situation has changed. Even healthy individuals to keep wakeful are now using this nootropic drug. Why? To remain alert in their workplace is just one of the many reasons. As office hours change, so do the time zones. Those who work in the hospitality industry (airline cabin crews, hotels) need to be alert in situations even when their biological clock does not permit them to remain awake. If you wish to know what is Modafinil used for in such situations, there are a few answers for that.


When the mind is fatigued


It is impossible for an average human being to remain awake and alert after a hard day’s work. Sleep should come to any adult between 9.30 pm and 11 pm. However, some individuals begin work only at that hour. So how do they alter the biological clock? They may be able to reverse it for a few days but if this is a constant phase of work, then they need other methods to beat the mental fatigue. One way is to have drugs that keep one awake. Like there are pills for people to go to sleep, there are also some to keep one’s eyes not only wide awake but also be mentally capable of doing lots of work.


How Modafinil comes into the picture?


A smart drug like Modafinil, goes straight to the brain where the neurotransmitters are located. It makes the neurons work like they usually do in the daytime. Is this a practical solution for night birds, party lovers, those who work/study well past mid-night? For sometime now, many top ranking achievers are getting hooked on to this nootropic. It has its share of advantageous and disadvantages. Naturally, like the case of any abuse or addiction, even this medicine can be questioned once a person knows both then a fine balance can be maintained to get the best out of it.


As a stimulant, it is an anti-psychotic and anti-fatigue agent. When it is taken for a very long time then the person may remain awake for too long. This is not desirable as it will affect the physical body and add to the mental stress. Its usefulness remains as long as it is taken in right measure and dosage. There is no harm in increasing the cognitive behavior or get excited. Before a party if you feel exhausted, then the next time it is best to have one dose of 200 mg (at least three hours before) for it to react. Even if it does not make you the center of attraction, it can keep you from being dull and sluggish. And if your need is to be alert during a presentation, then take it before sunrise. Once you are in office, it offers an opportunity to showcase your skills.


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