25 Dec

Modafinil’s Euphoric Effects

Modafinil’s euphoric effects


Research is going on for a long time to stop people from getting a high from cocaine. It is being said that now Modafinil is able to match the cocaine high properties with less abuse. Does it mean that party lovers need to switch over to this glutamate-enhancing agent that has lesser negative reactions? Cocaine is a problem for one’s overall health. However, this smart drug is not so. It is a mood enhancer and at the same time will not ruin the mental peace. Does this make Modafinil’s euphoric effects more legit in our fast moving society?


People who felt euphoric


Those who have consumed Modafinil, find that they can remain excited for a pretty long time. This is if the dose taken twice is 200 mg with a gap of at least seven hours between them. It is not just being ‘alert’ and ‘awake’, the other part of the excitement is the euphoria associated with it. There is a sense of accomplishing something greater. This probably does not happen with something like cocaine. No one has ever gone to an office, given a presentation on the strength of cocaine in the bloodstream and felt good about it. In case of this medicine, the effect is positive, and thus it makes a fine replacement for any other addictive drug that impairs the mind. If your brain works well after taking a drug like Modafinil, then it is a worthy supplement.


Those who have taken this two-dosage medication say that it is easy to remain focused and concentrated. Musicians and other creative people who work late can vouch for its creative streak in them. There is no feeling of tiredness, and composing is still not distressing. It is best not to combine it with any other drug that can lead to dangerous results.


Dilemma of using it for office or for parties


Most people who consume Modafinil consider it more for ‘official’ use. Can it be used as a party drug also? Students who find the drug to be a booster have taken the risk of using it for recreational purposes. All parties are about getting excited and keeping awake late at night. Having split the doses, one must be careful as once the last dose is taken, it can produce some sort of anxiety. Keeping awake during the day and then remaining alert during the night as well could be a recipe for disaster even for a young energetic person. There are other drugs for parties. In case of this drug, the need to sleep is normal. After all this is the maximum euphoria, a human body can take. It is not recommended to pop it for an evening party.


There should also be no confusion on taking the same for office and remaining alert during the day. It is an enhancer and boosts performance. However, medical advice is important in any case. In an attempt to get euphoria and good appraisals, it should not knock one down totally.s

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