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What are Nootropics?

What are Nootropics?

What is this

Nootropics also referred to as memory enhancers, smart drugs, and cognitive enhancers are supplements that enhance several aspects of cognitive functions in the brain. The particular effects of the supplements include motivation, working memory and attentions. The specific term nootropic was started by a man name Corneliu E. Giurgea who was a chemist and a Roman psychologist.


This type of drugs has become solutions for those engaged in extensive durations of work or perhaps those that require improved concentration levels for a particular task. The drug is common solution amongst people from countless disciplines for the following reasons:

l It improves concentration

l Enhances the working memory

l The brain becomes much more efficient

l It has some significant anti-aging benefits

l It helps improve the mood and countless degenerative health complications.


There are many forms of nootropics, and all have varying effects and side effects. Some of them include modafinil, piracetam, Nuvigil and artvigil. In most cases, the company that retails the particular nootropic brand name retains the naming rights using a patent. More so, the supplements are available as tablets that are consumed at scheduled times during the day.


A recent double bind study of nootropics determined that normal and healthy volunteers between the ages of 30-43 showed significant improvement in focus levels as well as mood. In the four-day study, randomized and balanced administrations of Piracetam 300mg were given to patients and a placebo version to the control group. The study determined that nootropics have a significant effect in elevating mood for especially for those with depression complications.

More so, nootropics have been shown to be beneficial when it comes to mitigating degenerative health complications such as ADHD. A recent study among patients with ADHD involved the administration of Modafinil to patients along with the placebo version to a controlled group. The study determined that when used with other medical drugs, ADHD patients who took the nootropic showed improved signs of focus and alertness levels.


The recommended dosage, especially for first time users, is 50-400mg. While a majority of nootropics such a modafinil have potent effects at higher doses, other such as Piracetam have powerful effects at smaller doses. Furthermore, the nootropic benefits are best felt when the dosage of the drug increases gradually to a maximum of 400mg. However, past the levels of 400mg, smart drugs show no increased benefits on cognitive functions.

The drugs are readily available online and at affordable prices. Before settling on the nootropic version that suits your needs best, it is inherent that you consult your medical practitioner for advice.

Side effects

Generally, all nootropic supplements are safe for consumption for a majority of health adults. Nootropics do not have anabolic side effects to the users. Furthermore, Users will appreciate to know that there are no known death cases as a result of adverse reactions from using the drug. Having mentioned that, you can never go wrong by consulting a medical practitioner for additional insight. A significant number of first time users have reported adverse side effects such as headaches or rashes, which can be mitigated by using cholines along with the given nootropics.

Long-term use

Since some nootropic supplements have a significant impact on mood and focus levels, some researchers are concerned with such type of drugs leading to dependency or addiction. In some rare cases, users have reported depression, fatigue and even lack of motivation in completing attention-demanding tasks.

Final thoughts

Broadly speaking, nootropics are a worthwhile investment for people who want to improve their productivity and overall concentration levels. These types of drugs rarely cause adverse reactions and are readily available for over the counter purchase.


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