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Provigil in the US Military

Provigil in the US Military


In the movies, we see superhuman soldiers fighting off alien threats and we are enthralled by the idea of becoming such a person. Well, reality has caught up with the movies. The military has been experimenting with various means to expand the capabilities of their troops, pilots, and sailors to give them an edge over the opposition and the drug Pro vigil is but one of the myriads of ways they are attempting to create the War Fighter of the future.


The drug allows you to stay awake and provides you with the ability to focus and perform at a level that is unheard of. Students in schools in the EU, Asian, and here have heard about the drug and are using it in record numbers to enable them to cram for exams and burn the midnight oil.


Today, we will exam Provigil and let you look behind the hype and myth and see if the drug can be of use to you in your life.


Today military pilots use it to stay alert flying over dangerous territory and even militants have started using it in foreign nations.


Lawyers, 5th Ave Ad gurus, and Wall Street market savants are using it as well. This gives them all almost superhuman concentration and the ability to work for long periods of time without tiring or the need to sleep.


To learn more, just keep reading this article.



The drugs real name is Modafinil and is a schedule IV controlled substance. However, doctors perceive it for a number of conditions on a regular basis for Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD), sleep apnea, narcolepsy. During exams at many university bootleg and knockoff drugs, are peddled to the many that are competing for high grades and class rankings that make them attractive to employers who are seeking only the best of the best for the few high paying positions that they are looking to fill.


The drug itself was patented in 1990 the drug has been around for some time now and a French company, Cephalon holds the primary patent. However, many other companies have created generic forms of the drug. In some cases, litigation is continuing by Cephalon against the most aggressive of them. They are also the creators of Adrafinil.


The drug is manufactured worldwide and in the UK is OTC, Germany has made it a prescription drug, and in Mexico, you can buy it OTC. China is one of the leading makers of this and other generic and knockoff drugs of this type and is a major source for the many athletes and bodybuilders who use it to have more stamina and endurance and is the subject of controversy in the world of professional sports. Just in time for the 2004 Summer Olympics, it was banned by WAD who oversees the use of drugs in professional sporting events.


Baseball great, Barry Bond blew the lid off the use of drugs in Pro-sports and Modafinil was mentioned in his expose of the practices of his fellow athletes, how widespread the practice is as yet unknown, as most are reluctant to give away the secrets of their athletic prowess.




Benefits of Provigil

Provigil’s many benefits have been showcased and ABC has run a number special reports on the drug, as well as the many who use it, as it is the secret of many high-powered execs’ successes. Lobbyists in Washington use it regularly to get the edge over Joe public as they line up to garner support for their clients who want to feed from the public trough of money that congress apportions every year.

Not only government hacks but professionals in many fields also use Pro vigil to get the edge.


Engineers, programmers, and web designers can work 12 hours at a time to produce a prodigious amount of work, websites, and code required by their bosses who look the other way as success brings in the bucks to the tune of millions of dollars every year.


Something is happening in the world of work as prescriptions for the drug has increased by almost 75% between 2007 and 2011. This either means that work stress and long hours are the norm or that enterprising individuals know the only way to win is to use this or many of the other Nootropics now available on the market today.


Research is sketchy

Drug companies all have glowing reports on their brand of “Super Pill” and mainstream science is leery of saying anything one way or the other. Doctors will only say that long-term sleep deprivation is harmful and 12 weeks is the recommended length of time for taking the drug without a break.


Doctors are also at a loss as to how and why the drug works at all. This has not stopped some scientists to recommend removing all restrictions on the use of the drug as we in America are falling behind countries that openly use performance-enhancing drugs. The EU and China are known to be heavy users of Nootropics and it is considered a normal way of achieving success and is done openly and not in secret as here in the US.




The Long-Term vs. Short-Term usage and risks

Under 12 weeks the drug can turn you into a human dynamo and you can work you shift with more energy and focus that you have ever known. However using the drug for over the recommended 12-week limit one runs the risk of buildup of toxins and stress on the heart, kidneys, and liver. Rashes have been noted in some and if this occurs stop taking the drug and seek medical assistance as this may indicate an allergic or more serious reaction to this type of drug.


However, with proper management and adherence to the recommendations laid out by your doctor the drug has shown to have very few side effects. It has been in general use since the 1990s and its benign qualities have been noted by the thousands who use it every day. This is especially true as if you follow the recommended dosage of 200mg before your shift or work day.


A certain Web developer that runs a billion dollar software empire takes his at about 5 am and he has been known to take long flights to visit other countries, get off the plane, and at speaking engagements generates millions of dollars in revenues during one speaking tour for his company. He openly admits he owes his success to Provigil.




Is Provigil legal?

As mentioned before it is available via prescription and increasingly doctors are more liberal in their policies about prescribing the drug as many of them feel this and other Nootropics should be made OTC and available for use by everyone in America.


Final thoughts on Provigil

Today students are using this “Super Drug” as the military have term Pro vigil and they as well as professionals from all walks of life have turned to the is drug that was approved in 1998 by the FDA to treat certain sleep disorders.


One the door was opened we normal people have been kept mostly in the dark as those who use it want to have it for themselves so they can blast past us mere mortals and go for the gold in not only the professional arena but in sports and other athletics as well.


Today, we have removed the veil, let you see how many are achieving results, not by blood, sweat, and tears as commonly thought and propagated in popular culture. Instead, they owe their successes to a “Super Drug” that you too can get access through via your doctor or through other channels. Take a look at Amazon (Under Nootropics) and you will find many drugs that are similar to Provigil and give you the same results and can take you to success as well.

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