13 Mar

Sunifiram Dosage

Sunifiram or DM-235 is a special kind of AMPAkine drug with anti-amnesiac properties and it additionally passes off as a cognitive enhancer. Sunifiram has shown remarkable improvements in a person’s focus and memory without the use of other supplements. Since this nootropic has been available to the public for less than five years, it would be a good idea to point out ways of properly using the drug by outlining the proper dosage for individuals who want to boost their cognitive abilities.


One thing to note about Sunifiram is that it is nearly 1000 times stronger than Piracetam. Because of this, it greatly enhances long term potentiation, and this aids in the formation of new neuron connections in the brain. However, drugs such as Sunifiram need to be taken with care, and patients need to be aware of the fact that the excessive intake of the drug will not necessarily boost their cognitive abilities further. For this reason, it is important to review the dosage for the drug.


Modafinilimage39Generally, the recommended Sunifiram dosage is 4mg to 8mg that should be taken a maximum of three times a day. Since Sunifiram is more potent that both Piracetam and Racetam, it generally requires smaller doses. Some patients even consider the drug more powerful than Noopept, and it is for this reason that the dosage should not be assumed to be equal to similar drugs. Though there may be similarities between Noopept and Sunifiram, the dosage for each is entirely different, and patients should not make the mistake of interchanging the dosage levels for each of these drugs.


Besides sticking to the recommended dosage, there are people who would occasionally feel less stimulated when they take the recommended 4-8mg. Others have been able to take up to 10mg at a time so as to observe stronger effects of the drug. While it is true that the effects of the drug will be felt more if you intake such doses, this also increases the risks of experiencing side effects. Additionally, taking too much of the drug at once could cause your body to be tolerant against the drug’s effects. Thus, you should consider sticking to an irregular cycle for taking the drug so as to reduce both the side effects and the chances of your body being tolerant to the drug.


Though this is generally not known, new users of the drug should start with half the dosage so that they can take note of how the drug works for them and assess if Ampakine affects their bodies or not. Afterwards, the new users can then switch to an irregular cycle for taking the full dose so as to prevent the build-up of tolerance towards the drug.


Another important fact that you should know about Sunifiram is that since it is a strong compound, you should be careful not to start with an attack dose. Starting with a big dose with the hope of achieving instant results will only do the opposite instead. Overdosing yourself with the drug will cause over-stimulation and result in brain fog which will slow down your ability to think straight for as long as the drug is still in your body. Though there haven’t been any studies that assess the toxicity limits for the drug, it is believed that excessive intake of the drug can cause the NDMA and AMPA receptors to be activated for glutamate, and this could lead to excitotoxicity. Taking too much of the drug will thus cause an over-stimulation of the brain, and this will result in poor and unclear thinking in addition to serious memory problems.


Conclusively, it is important for everyone that intends to take this drug to stick only to the recommended 4-8mg dosage that should be taken three times a day. Even though you may slightly exceed this limit when you need an instant boost, you should not go beyond 10mg at a go as this will end up bringing negative rather than positive effects. New users of the drug also need to stick to smaller doses of the drug before they can start taking full doses. Either way, everyone that takes the drug should consider an irregular cycle for taking the drugs as this reduces chances of the body being tolerant towards the drug.


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