02 Jun

Have a Sparkling Clean House with Modafinil

Have you done your annual “spring cleaning” yet? I don’t blame you if you haven’t. Nobody likes cleaning. It’s time consuming, boring, repetitive, and worst of all you know it’s all just going to get dirty again. Anytime something is boring we become much more prone to distraction. We’ll happily interrupt our vacuuming to watch an episode of a sitcom. Chores are always going to be chores, but they have to be done. So get them done with modafinil.

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have stuff to clean. So everybody can benefit here. So if you want a clean house, get some modafinil and crush those chores. Here’s how it works:

Modafinil’s best effect: Focus

If I had to cite the one thing that makes modafinil great, it’s the fact that it locks you into whatever you are doing. You are focused. Earth could be ending outside and you’d still stay on task. That means you’re less likely to take a break in the middle of dusting the furniture or washing the dishes. Pretty soon you’ll have your feet up on the couch, relaxed knowing you’ve demolished every item on your list. Which reminds me, make a list.

Focus needs to be focused, if that makes sense. There’s a dangerous space between tasks. Those gaps allow you to latch on to something you hadn’t planned on doing, for instance you might start reorganizing items in the fridge when you go for a drink of water. If you alphabetize every item in your fridge, I’m sure it will look great and be super useful later on. But you’re probably wasting your time. So make a list and stick to it. This way your focus won’t run amok.

Better execution equals a REALLY clean house

This message goes out to the young men out there: You don’t clean nearly as well as you should. You think you wiped the counter down well, but in reality you totally ignored the cracks in the corners. You thought the floor was spotless, until somebody moved that table that you decided to mop around instead of under. Modafinil will make you lift up the microwave and discover the horrors beneath.

The extra focus modafinil gives you also makes you pay more attention to detail. You’ll become a Terminator of dirt, scanning and eliminating all uncleanliness in your home. Make sure you manage your time. It’s best to do this on a free day when you don’t have to worry about something else you have to do later. The end result of your labor though will be rewarding: The cleanest your house has been since you moved in.

Clean with a smile

Modafinil makes accomplishing any task feel rewarding and less dull. Normally I detest cleaning, to the point of putting it off for days. I complain the whole time. When I take modafinil I don’t have the same negative thoughts about it, instead I feel proud about doing a good job with each item I knock off the list. When I stand in the kitchen doorway and admire my work, I’m impressed and that motivates me to keep going. So if you’re like me and can’t stand the thought of cleaning, this will tip the scales in your favor.

What are you waiting for?

It’s simple. If you dread cleaning or you get easily distracted along the way, modafinil will set you straight. You’ll work faster, better, AND you’ll enjoy yourself more. Once you’re done crack open a cold one and pat yourself on the back.