04 Apr

Modafinil in the News

Modafinil in the News is a segment where we bring some of the latest developments in the modafinil world together here on Modafinil.co.uk

Modafinil, Schizophrenia, and Shenanigans

A study from 2008 in India reported that modafinil was a useful aid to patients taking atypical schizophrenia medications, specifically Olanzapine, Risperidone, and Clozapine. These medications are more affordable in underdeveloped countries and therefore are more commonly used to treat the prevalent mental disorder. Unfortunately they come along with two problematic side effects: Weight gain and daytime drowsiness. The researchers immediately thought of modafinil and put it to use.

And then they did so again in 2014, and once more in 2015. Or did they? Discover Magazine noted that the text between the 2015 and 2008 versions was 88% identical, and that one of the original authors works on the editorial board of the journal where the studies were published.

So, while the first test may have shown that modafinil helped these patients, it seems that any further tests could be nothing more than a fabrication. Hopefully some law-abiding westerners can take this brilliant idea and make it legit.

Smarter, safer, so says Scientific American

Safe, says the study

Scientific American has reported on a University of Oxford study which examined over 24 modafinil related investigations. What for? The Oxford researchers were looking to find solid evidence that modafinil helps with cognition. It’s been a hotly debated subject because every test has used a variety of different methods and that creates inconsistency. How do you test cognition, or brain power, anyway?

Well, the results came in loud and clear: The more complex the task in the study, the better the modafinil patients did compared to placebos. The simple tests showed no discernable improvement with modafinil, meaning that any difference they saw was still within the margin of error on the study.  Best part, they found no negative mental side effects from using the pills in any study, so they’re safe.

So what’s that mean for you? Get out there and put your pills to good use. Don’t waste them on the simple stuff, find something challenging that’ll really get the gears turning in that head of yours.

A New Formula for Narcolepsy

As patents expire, companies seek to find new ways to get their brand-name power back. One of those is by crafting up a new formula. The same modafinil when combined with another medicine in the same pill becomes an entirely new drug in the eyes of the patent office, and that means big profits for the pharmaceutical company. Theranexus is a new company pushing a new blend of their own medicine with modafinil to be even more effective for fighting narcolepsy.

Interestingly they’re backed by some pretty big people. CEA, one of the most important research institutes in France, is backing their project and pushing it forward.

When it comes to good modafinil research (and not that Indian funny business) the more the merrier, I say.