14 Nov

Microdosing with Modafinil

Do Microdosing and Modafinil Mix?

A new trend in nootropic use has emerged in recent years with the concept of microdosing. Microdosing is when a user takes a dose that’s much lower than the typically recommended one. Is taking less really a better option?

Benefits of Microdosing

Those who embrace microdosing say that it gives you at least some of the benefits of a particular medicine or chemical without as much of the harmful risk. For instance, a dose that’s 25% of a regular dose may not show side effects while giving the user some benefits. People who are more sensitive to drugs can benefit from this approach.

Microdosers also suggest that using a lower dose allows you take more substances at once. This is especially popular in the nootropic world as people create “stacks” of compounds that they take simultaneously. In essence, it’s the “little bit of everything” method to improving your performance.

Nootropics can get expensive, so microdosing also helps to stretch your supply farther and save money. But does it actually work?

Micro dose, mega proof

Surprisingly microdosing is nothing new. While its recent popularity might make you think it’s a new development, the concept is as old as the pharmaceutical industry. Experiments throughout the 50s and 60s tried to use psychedelic drugs in micro doses to see if they had any therapeutic benefits for patients. LSD particularly was used in this regard and the results were quite promising before being shut down due to LSD’s addition to Schedule 1.

A bizarre reverse case of microdosing was with the Russian-made AMT, now illegal. It was originally designed to be a potent anti-depressant, and trials showed that with just a very small amount it was extremely effective. However people who took more than that amount started to have LSD-like symptoms including hallucinations, and production was halted.

What confounds doctors today is the potential for problems with the placebo effect. At small doses, it can be hard to tell if the patient is really experiencing effects from the drugs, or if it’s all in his mind. This makes microdosing something of a pseudo-science, because it’s so hard to measure.

Microdosing modafinil

A lot of people (myself included) like to chop a modafinil pill in half and take 100mg instead of 200. Others go even further and take 50mg at a time. Users have described this as a shorter effect, which can be useful for a late-afternoon dose when you still want to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Others who have tried 50mg find that the effect is too weak compared to what they are used to and would rather take more.

If you want to add modafinil to your microdosing stack, it might make sense to try 50mg and go up from there if need be. Doses smaller than that seem to be impossible to differentiate between real effects and placebo. As modafinil is well tolerated by most people, microdosing it seems to be somewhat pointless. Unless you have serious side effects from using modafinil, stick to the regular doses.