13 Jan

Modafinil can Help you Exercise

If you’re looking to hold up your New Year’s resolutions then look no further than modafinil. But what does the leading drug for alertness and wakefulness have to do with exercise? The benefits of modafinil for your workouts may surprise you.

Exercise Longer with Modafinil

One of modafinil’s main effects is the ability to enhance concentration and focus for whatever activity you might be doing during your dose. How does this apply to exercise? Proper exercise requires attention to form in order to perform specific movements more efficiently and to avoid injury. If your exercise plan includes weight-lifting, then you’ll find modafinil will help sustain your attention and improve your focus when performing your reps.

If you’re keener on endurance exercises, such as bicycling or running, modafinil can help your distances in the same way. The increased focus on the exercise itself will help to distract you from the exhaustion and pain associated with the activity. You’re effectively blocking it out with modafinil.

Exercise Harder with Modafinil

Related to the previous point, modafinil has the ability to reduce pain mildly. Sharper pains on modafinil are more likely to be mild, dull aches. This can be helpful with workouts, but it comes with some risk. If you exercise on modafinil, remember that pain is your body’s natural communication system. It’s your body’s way of saying that what you’re doing is pushing your limits. While modafinil may reduce this sensation, it doesn’t mean that you’re free to go. You could push yourself too far and risk injury with the pain-reducing effect of modafinil.

Another risk is dehydration. Since modafinil is a diuretic, you’ll find yourself passing water faster on the pill. With workouts your body expends a significant amount of water in sweat, so it’s important to stay extra hydrated while working out on modafinil.

Form Better Exercise Habits with Modafinil

The most important thing that modafinil does for everyone is helping you to commit to an activity. Whether it’s studying, working, or a personal activity like working out, modafinil will help you construct better habits. As it’s an all-day pill you’re more likely to have an organized, productive day. Now imagine that effect over the course of a week. You can use modafinil to establish solid habits, like working out three days a week. Replace your morning coffee with a modafinil pill and plan your week, then watch it unfold beautifully. And you’ll save money too.

The proof is in the rules: Modafinil is banned from most every sports league, and several players have been suspended from play for using modafinil. In some cases, Olympic gold-winning athletes have had their medals stripped away for using modafinil. Major sports legislators from FIFA to the NFL have banned the substance due to the fact that it helps athletes perform better, longer, and harder. But if you’re not a professional athlete, and you’re in a country where modafinil is legal to import, consider giving it a try to help improve your exercise habits and performance.

Make those New Year’s resolutions stick with modafinil at your side.

12 Jan

Keep your New Year’s Resolutions with Modafinil

If you’re anything like me and most other people out there, every year you try to set at least one goal for yourself. New Year’s resolutions have the tendency to fall apart in short order. Anyone who’s gotten a gym membership in January knows how full the car park gets, and how empty it is in February (if you’ve hung around long enough).

So with that in mind, I wanted to take a look at how modafinil could help people with their New Year’s resolutions.

New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight / Get into Shape

By far the number one option, whether it’s losing 10lb or toning those muscles. So how can you keep this resolution with modafinil? Well for one, modafinil is being tested for clinical approval for weight loss. Modafinil reduces appetite, the ultimate enemy of the weight loss goal. A pill day can keep cravings away and help you stick to a more rigid diet.

Another benefit is that modafinil can improve your exercise routines by giving you some additional focus and stamina. It’s a banned substance in almost every sports league for this very fact. I’ve taken it before going on runs and find that I can stay concentrated on my form and I’ve seen a small improvement in distance as well. Having said that, it’s important to hydrate more than usual if you’re taking modafinil while working out. As modafinil dehydrates you faster, you’ll need to replenish plenty of fluids to avoid cramps and have a safe workout.

New Year’s Resolution: Complete a Project

This one is a little vague, because it covers so many things. Maybe it’s that website you’ve always wanted to start, or the business venture in the back of your head. Perhaps you need to add a wing onto the house, or you’ve got a novel you’re dying to write. Whatever your project is, you can use modafinil to give you the extra focus needed to get the job done right, and in the timeframe you desire.

Speaking from my personal experience as a writer, modafinil helps to streamline my mind and put together clearer thoughts and more organized material. It’s great for writing articles, quite a few of the ones you’ve read here were written on modafinil.

Nevertheless, it’s important to be organized first. Modafinil won’t magically make plans for you, but it will help you follow those plans and maximize your daily potential. Several business owners and writers have commented on how modafinil helped them to be more productive. It might just be the spark you need.

New Year’s Resolution: Learn to (insert activity here)

If you’re already in university, then this should be on your list of resolutions anyway. But if you’re no longer a student, you might have an interest in learning a new language, picking up a sport, or finally figuring out how to play the keytar. Whatever you’d like to learn, modafinil can help you out. As discussed on this site before, modafinil can improve your memory and aid in the acquisition of new information. Learning can sometimes be boring as well, and that’s where the extra concentration and attentiveness will benefit you. I was taking modafinil with some Italian classes in 2015, and found that I was more engaged in the lesson and participated more than I normally would.

Those are a few of the most common resolutions that modafinil might work for. If you’ve got any other New Year’s resolutions that you want to make good on, let us know and share your modafinil experiences.