11 Jan

Provigil Prices may Change under Trump

Donald Trump speaks on Drug Prices. Credit: AP

Donald Trump speaks on Drug Prices. Credit: AP

2016 left the world with many questions. The UK voted to leave the EU. The United States elected Donald Trump to the presidency. While immigration and peace in the Middle East tend to dominate the conversation, you shouldn’t ignore Trump’s comments about health care. That goes for people outside the United States as well.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, has not lived up to expectations. Trump campaigned hard against the ACA, and today he held his first press conference since being elected. In this conference he vowed to “repeal and replace” the ACA with something better. And it may have a huge impact on the price of prescription brand-name drugs, like Provigil, around the world.

Provigil Prices are unique in the US

Countries like the UK have a single-payer healthcare system. The single payer is in fact the government. Since the state provides the care and medication, it buys the medicine its citizens need from pharmaceutical companies. State health providers, like the NHS, negotiate to get the lowest price possible for their medicine. This way they can offer it cheap to people like you and me.

In the UK all prescriptions are sold at a flat rate, meaning that the government probably takes a loss on some and profits off of others. Provigil prices in the UK are the same as every other medicine, but Provigil prices are unique in the US. Because the US lacks a single payer to negotiate on behalf of everyone, pharmaceutical companies can charge much higher prices.

The result is that Provigil prices in the US are over $1,000 for a month’s supply. Insurance companies will usually cover a great deal of this, but if you lack insurance you’re out of luck.

How Trump could change Provigil Prices

Trump stated this morning that he would like the government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies, just like most other countries. This is unprecedented in the US. Pharmaceutical stocks immediately fell 3-5%. Expect Provigil prices to be cheaper in the United States in the years to come if he follows through.

But this affects everyone else on the planet too.

Why do you think the NHS gets a better deal than the US? Part of the reason other countries are able to pay so much less for their medicine is that the US is paying heaps more! Imagine going out to eat with a few friends, and one of them pays for 80% of the check. Your bill just got lighter.

That 80% number might even be low. Some estimates think the US is responsible for 90% of the industry’s profits.

Expect Provigil prices to rise

If Trump starts hurting the profitability of companies in the US, they’ll look to get more out of other countries’ healthcare systems. The NHS, for instance, might be pressured to pay more for medicine. That, in turn, will lead to you paying more for your prescriptions.

Might be a good time to start stocking up if you’re living outside the US.


09 Jan

Lawsuit over Provigil and Modafinil Prices Reaches Settlement

The attorney-generals of New York and Ohio won a settlement with Cephalon, Inc. Cephalon is the pharmaceutical company that invented modafinil. If you purchased name-brand Provigil, or generic Provigil, then you may be eligible for a piece of the pie.

So what actually happened? The $35 million dollar deal was cut behind closed doors, and Cephalon never admitted any wrongdoing. It has to do with US antitrust law and how it works. You can read the full statement here.

Cephalon’s not alone in the lawsuit

Cephalon’s not the only company mentioned. Barr Pharmaceuticals is also on the lawsuit. So is Teva Pharmaceuticals. So how are they connected?

Cephalon’s patent to produce modafinil exclusively was going to expire in 2011. To prepare Barr applied early for FDA approval to produce it. Filing the application early gave Barr time to prepare its facilities for production when the patent eventually would expire. They received permission in 2004.

The lawsuit says Teva skirted the rules

Teva Pharmaceuticals acquired Barr in 2008. Now its Teva vs Cephalon. In the same year as Cephalon’s patent expired, Teva made a bold move. Teva purchased Cephalon in 2011. This meant that Teva would be both a licensed producer of generic modafinil, and the name brand Provigil. Teva event went so far as to apply for a license separate from Barr’s and received it in 2014.

The lawsuit says Teva skirted the rules, because they absolutely did.

This is illegal because it disrupts the market. In a natural market, the generic manufacturer would sell their pills as cheap as possible to encourage customers to stop taking the name brand. But since Teva controlled generic production, they could sell it at a price much closer to the regular price of Provigil. Instead of seeing a massive price difference, customers would see a smaller one, and opt for the name brand drug.

People assume the name brand is better. They are, but not by much.

This lawsuit aims to get some of that money back. The generic should have been cheaper. And that should have caused Cephalon to lowers its Provigil prices. Neither of these things happened.

The attorney-generals’ settlement probably is a tiny fraction of what Teva actually made. Over a million Provigil prescriptions are filled out every year, so a simple $5 increase in price pays for this settlement. The actual difference may have been much more, but to avoid disclosing that information, Teva and Co. have decided to settle this lawsuit out of court.

If you’d like to know if you are eligible for any benefits from the settlement, check out the lawsuit’s page.



23 Dec

What receptors does Modafinil act on?

What receptors does Modafinil act on?

Modafinil, a stimulant type drug prescribed for ADHD, narcolepsy, work-shift sleep disorder, and in extreme cases, for the treatment of obesity, has recently came to light as a cognitive enhancer in the smart drug community. Modafinil works on the dopamine, 5acetylcholine, norepinephrine and serotonin receptors on the brain (though to a much lesser extent than much more addictive drugs, such as amphetamines) which contributes to its mentally stimulating and enhancing effects. Here are some of it’s major uses among “biohackers” and those wishing to gain an unfair advantage on the competition.


                When on Modafinil, one’s mental and physical speed is much enhanced, the energy boost allows one to learn faster and for a greater period of time. Sister drugs include Adrafinil, Nuvigil, and Provigil (brand name Modafinil.) For this reason, many students and entrepreneurs are turning to the highly potent and non-addictive stimulant, as a safer alternative to amphetamines or even CAFFEINE! Get your hands on some Provigil if your wanting to increase productivity as a student and/or at work, your peers will be amazed at what you can do.


                There’s a certain degree of focus that must be attained in almost any field, whether it be athletics, climbing the corporate ladder, or running your own business. It’s no surprise that a nonaddictive stimulant that aids focus, without all the nasty side effects of Adderall or Ritalin, gets eaten up like candy in the business and scholastic world. When cokeon ingests a Modafinil pill, you’ll experience an extreme rush of energy, mild euphoria, a boost in productivity and motivation, and above all, significantly better FOCUS.


                Another important quality of the most successful humans. Without energy your motivation, productivity, memory and focus will all be seriously out of wack. Energy is the stabilizer that binds these mental assets together, use your Modafinil-induced energy boost wisely, and it will prove a valuable asset in your journey to the top of the food chain in whatever goal your trying to obtain!


                Modafinil tends to give type of laser like focus..Brought on by the significantly increased wakefulness you were striving for in the first place. If you’re tired, your focus and productivity will be significantly lacking. Luckily on Modafinil, being tired is the last thing you’ll be worried about.

Final Thoughts

                Modafinil is an amazing drug of the future that can truly help anyone in need looking for a boost in productivity, zest for life, motivation, or general intelligence. Get your hands on a bottle…you won’t be disappointed!