19 Apr

Websites with User Reviews for Modafinil

This blog is full of information about how modafinil works and how it can benefit you. But don’t just take our word for it. If you’re interested in reading more from actual people who have tried modafinil, we’ve compiled some helpful links to get you started.

Best User Reviews for Modafinil: Erowid

One of the oldest non-profit websites related to drugs and their effects, Erowid is an incredible source of information for people who are curious about trying just about anything. They have pages on common substances such as caffeine as well as research chemicals you’ve never heard of. Erowid is run by very dedicated people and filters out experience reports that are not well-written or that make sweeping generalizations. As a result, you get more objective and precise information. There is a page specifically for modafinil experiences, which are broken down in to good ones, bad ones, and everything in between. Erowid also doesn’t post experiences that repeat what another one already says, so if you see 5 good ones and 4 bad ones, you should not assume that this means the chances of a bad experience are around 50/50. Rather, it just means that Erowid is looking to represent all possible outcomes.


Drugs-forum.com is a place where people can gather to talk about literally any drug that’s available, from certified pharmaceuticals to illegal substances. This site is a great source of honest information from users, but often lacks some of the technical details you might find on other websites. Keep in mind that the users here have usually tried many other drugs, so their responses may be wildly different. Reading about people trying modafinil with other substances is common. The biggest advantage is that the forum has over 230,000 members, meaning that you will likely be able to find a wide sample of users. Check out modafinil related posts here.


This site is considered the most reputable source of reviews for prescription medications. User reviews must mention specifically which condition they took the medicine for, including off-label ones such as ADHD which have not been fully approved by the FDA yet. There are nearly 200 reviews for modafinil with an average score of 8.2 on their ten-point scale. One of the downsides of these kinds of reviews is of course the fact that many people may give the medicine a 1 or a 10 without carefully considering the results. Regardless this is a great resource if you have a specific condition and would like to find other people’s experiences with modafinil.

Reddit Afinil

Reddit has a section for just about everything, including some things you probably didn’t even know existed (and maybe didn’t want to). The –afinil sub contains plenty of threads about modafinil and armodafinil, many of which discuss purchasing and vendor-related experiences. However, they also include reviews of specific suppliers. This is exactly what you need if you’ve been thinking about buying modafinil but aren’t sure where to start. Likewise, you can find good user reviews and personal experiences from people of all walks of life.


Brain Meta is one of my favorite sites because of its scientific nature. It focuses heavily on nootropics but does so in an intelligent way. Exactly what a nootropic forum should be. Conversations tend to be of a more intellectual and analytical nature, which can lead to some high-quality reviews. Unfortunately one of the downsides is that the site boasts fewer users and thus there are less experiences to sift through. When you do find a thread, you can expect it to contain several profound posts and in-depth discussion.


An educated decision is always a better decision. If you’re thinking about trying modafinil you should read up on these user reviews to get a better idea of how it may work for you.