10 Nov

The Top 5 Things to Do on Modafinil

Modafinil is popular among a wide variety of people because of its ability to make normally boring tasks easy to handle. With that in mind, let’s look at…

The top 5 things to do while you’re on Modafinil.


Of course this is first on the list! Students are by far the largest group of modafinil users. In many universities significant percentages of students report having used modafinil recently for studying. In some places this is over 25% of the student body, an astounding number when you consider that in the case of large campuses this represents over 25,000 people.

Why is Modafinil so good for studying? It helps you focus and concentrate on something for a long period of time, which makes it perfect for reading through those thick textbooks and dense PDFs. As an added bonus, it helps you to stay awake, which is great if you have to pull an all-nighter to get ready for that exam.

While there’s currently no real evidence that Modafinil improves memory and learning, you can expect to at least learn at your normal pace while getting more done.


Naturally if Modafinil is good for those long study sessions, it should help you crunch the questions on your upcoming exam, right? Today’s exams are getting longer, and standardized testing in high schools and increasingly in universities demands more time and energy from students than they naturally have. Consider that some exams can last upwards of 3 hours. How do you maintain your focus on a grueling paper without some help? Modafinil can sharpen your brain when the test hits the table.


I write on Modafinil, and why wouldn’t I? It helps me to sit down and pound out the work, something notoriously difficult for a chronic procrastinator like myself. Writing can become tedious after a while, making it difficult to put together a long quality writing session. With Modafinil guiding you, you can settle into your favorite chair and type until your fingers bleed.

Obviously this is a huge advantage for anyone working on term papers or their thesis. Research papers benefit as well. I find that with my university work I’m able to dive deeper into the discussion and get absorbed into the research, producing quality references and a better paper overall.

Careful if you need to write something creative. Modafinil has been shown to limit divergent thinking, the key to coming up with clever solutions to problems.


Work in an office? Most people do nowadays. Nothing sucks the joy out of life like a stack of paperwork. It seems that no job can steer clear of the mountains of forms and documents needed by today’s companies and governments. Take it from a teacher, Marie, who gave us her story and highlighted how much Modafinil had helped.

At the end of the semester I have to make reports for EVERY student I taught. In a packed urban public school system that means writing around 150 separate documents. The worst part is how useless these are. Nobody really reads them, yet they’re required by the school board. A couple of years ago I discovered Modafinil and now it’s my secret weapon when the paperwork piles up. I actually got all 147 of my students’ files finished in a single day this year. I’m so proud! Couldn’t have done it without the teacher’s little helper though.

Burn through that boring paperwork in record time with Modafinil.


Another thankless, dreary task that simply must be done. Modafinil’s gift of making even the most mind-numbing activities bearable comes in handy here. I tend to do a single chore at a time and take a needless break between each one, which only drags out the process. With Modafinil however, I power through the whole workload in a single rush that leaves my flat dazzling in just a couple of hours.

Best part? You’ll be more thorough. Just like how Modafinil will lead you down the research rabbit hole, you’ll find your cleaning to be much more detailed and meticulous. You’ll never see me lift up the microwave and clean under there unless a round white pill made its way into my system that morning.

What else does Modafinil help you with? Share your stories and comments with us. We love hearing from you!




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