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What is a Nootropic?


What is a Nootropic?

Nootropics can be described as a specific class of supplements that enhances an individual’s cognitive ability. People use these supplements to boost their memory and improve their overall concentration. In many cases, people may refer to these supplements as smart drugs because they can be associated with a level of intelligence. Therefore, people may add these supplements to their reqular diet regimens when they want to make sure that they can focus properly on projects, tests and other things that require a great deal of concentration.




Before an individual takes these kinds of supplements, they are usually concerned about taking the right dosage. Answering this question may not be as simple as most people may think since there are many different brands of nootropics on the market today. Each nootropic has different strengths and levels of bioavailability (absorption rate in the body) so this answer will vary greatly from one product to another. Another factor that affects the dosage that a person should take in consideration involves the process of stacking the supplements. Which means, if the person decides to stack their supplements, they may be trying to achieve specific benefits.


Side effects


While nootropics are considered to be relatively safe smart drugs, there are some potential side effects that people must be aware of, and they include people experiencing stomach pains, nausea, dizziness and headaches. It is also essential for people to read their labels and respond accordingly. Especially, because the dosage taken can lead to various problems when the person takes too much.


Additionally, because Adrafinil is an ingredient contained in nootropics as well, people should make sure that they are familiar with the risks. In specific, an increase in heart problems and rise in blood pressure. Therefore, before taking these smart drugs, however, it is important for people to do their research.


5Nootropics or smart drugs are highly sought out because of its primary benefits. Some the more common including enhancing an individual’s mental clarity and their focus, improving their mood, eliminating stress, enhancing Neuroplasticity and helping with overall brain health. Therefore, for people who want to make sure that they can focus better and do much better on tests and other challenging things, they may decide to take advantage of this smart drug by taking it on a regular basis. Further, some people take these smart drugs because they are known to increase the blood flow to the the brain, while also providing the essential nourishment that the body needs.


Long term effects


When nootropics are taken on a regular basis, the individual can benefit greatly from many long term effects. In specific, the person will experience greater long term memory over time, and these effects will not go away. This is because these smart drugs help with influencing the growth of certain types of neurons. Thus, people can also enhance their long term memory along with their overall intelligence. Even when the person stops taking this supplements, the effects are considered to be great since they are long -term.


Short term effects


Nootropics are great for people in all walks of life, especially students who use their brain everyday. Though there are many different long term effects, there are short term effects too. Many of the more important are those that provide the user with an immediate positive change in mood since it may cause a feeling of euphoria that produces a certain amount of happiness. Additionally, people may also say that they can think more clearly and easier, learn faster and recall what they have learned much faster. In some cases, people may also say that it can help with eliminating depression.



According to research studies, great improvements have been made for those who had deficits in this area (neurological, brain damage, and the like). However, many of these same studies did not address people who were healthy and how they responded to nootropics. So, when investigating further, there was a distinction made between people with deficits and those that were healthy. This said, It is important to note that healthy volunteers reported improvements in memory and better focus as well. For instance, studies showed a marked improvement in healthy individuals in learning, attention and in memory.




Though the drug’s initial use was in the 60s, it was not used as a smart drug, but for motion sickness. It was not until 1971 that the drug was tested for enhancing the memory. The name of this drug was coined by a Romanian doctor who used it as a mind altering drug. Since that time, the drug has been used for many different reasons and purposes including assisting patients with Alzheimers, and people who want to use it as a supplement to increase their overall brain health.




It is important to note that smart drugs are relatively new. Therefore, people are often trying things like stacking to get the maximum benefits out of their supplements. Stacking involves combining varieties to see which one will work best for the individual.



Final thoughts


It’s not uncommon for people to take different kinds of supplements to maintain and improve their health. Similar to taking care of the body, people have begin to take care of their brain’s health too. With nootropics beginning to become a staple in the market today, people are taking advantage of its many benefits including providing better focus, concentration, memory and easier recall.