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Aniracetam for Anxiety

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What is This?


Aniracetam is a supplement that has been used as a cognitive enhancer and a mood elevator, and it has tremendous positive implications in both categories. Many people have found that their potential for learning and memorization increased as a result of an Aniracetam regimen, but they also experienced higher degrees of happiness and reduced anxiety. Given the effects that anxiety and depression can have on one’s cognitive processes, it is also possible that these people experienced even more cognitive benefits than they would have otherwise as a result of Aniracetam’s potential as a treatment for anxiety and depression. Taking Aniracetam for anxiety is common today.


Reviews for anxiety


Many of the people who have taken Aniracetam for the sake of anxiety have reported that they experienced the effects very quickly, and that they noticeably felt happier and less anxious. Anxiety is a complicated state, but the individuals in question reported that things that would have left them feeling anxious at other points simply rolled right off of them, and that they were able to proceed with everyday tasks in a way that was much more efficient and balanced. Individuals who normally experience a nearly perpetual state of anxiety reported that those feelings started to subside, and that they were able to feel neutral in a way that they hadn’t experienced in a long time.


Reviews for depression


Since Aniracetam can work as a mood elevator, a lot of people are also going to take the supplement in order to help with their symptoms of depression. Depression is a complicated psychological illness, but there are times in which people can still benefit from getting boosts in their moods from supplements like Aniracetam.


Side effects


Aniracetam is not going to have severe side effects for people with healthy livers and kidneys. Individuals who don’t have medication allergies are also going to avoid the worst side effects that have been observed in nootropics patients. The majority of nootropics patients who take Aniracetam are just going to experience minor feelings of nausea, some possible heartburn, or some intestinal cramps at worst. Other people might experience drowsiness or insomnia.


For individuals who suffer from anxiety, these side effects are probably the sort of things that they experience anyway as a result of their mental health problems, and they’re not going to change their circumstances very much in that regard by taking Aniracetam. They anxietywill just manage to get these symptoms as a result of their medication instead of their anxiety, and this way, they will manage to lose the symptoms of anxiety.


Standard nootropics patients who don’t care about the psychological benefits of Aniracetam might end up with a different cost and benefit analysis when they try to factor in the side effects of taking Aniracetam. However, the people who already experience these side effects as a matter of course are doing themselves a favor in many different ways.




Aniracetam is one of the most beneficial nootropics on the market today. People will manage to improve their short-term memories as a result of taking Aniracetam. However, they will also improve their ability to learn and process information, so they will be able to commit facts to their long-term memories more easily. The people who are taking Aniracetam in order to cope with their psychological problems are still going to be able to enjoy all of the cognitive benefits, and visa versa.


Naturally, anxiety can make it difficult to learn, albeit artificially. People can’t usually think straight when they are in the grip of powerful anxiety. Often times, anxious people have the experience of looking back at a situation in which they were anxious and ruminating over the fact that they now know what they should have said or should have done. These situations will disappear thanks to the effects of Aniracetam, because people won’t start feeling that way in the first place. They will be able to respond to situations appropriately, and they will no longer be so paralyzed with anxiety that the correct answer will elude them until it’s too late.


Is there a withdrawal?


Aniracetam certainly has some potential to cause symptoms of withdrawal. However, these symptoms should not be significantly more severe than the ones that people might experience after they stop drinking coffee or taking caffeine for a day or so. Some individuals might be irritable and more easily exasperated than usual. Other people might just feel drowsy. Some people might find that their symptoms of anxiety will come back now that the medication is no longer there to act as a defense.


It should be noted that some of these withdrawal symptoms could be attributed to improper dosage. Lots of people forget that Aniracetam has a very short half-life compared to many of the other nootropics on the market today, and compared to many medications in general. The drug is going to leave one’s system fairly quickly. The people who don’t keep to the right dosage schedule may be effectively going cold turkey on the supplement over and over again, so they are experiencing the worst withdrawal symptoms on a schedule as a result of their method of taking Aniracetam.


Does this need choline?


As a member of the racetam drug category, Aniracetam should ideally be taken with choline. One of the primary side effects of Aniracetam and racetam nootropics in general is minor headache pain, which could be attributed to a choline deficiency. The people who take choline supplements along with Aniracetam shouldn’t run into any problems with headaches.


What will I feel?


The individuals who take Aniracetam in order to counteract anxiety and depression will often simultaneously feel more energetic and calmer, which seems to be contradictory but is not. Individuals who feel anxiety are not usually able to use any of their nervous energy in order to accomplish positive ends. That energy is directed inward, and the people in that situation are typically using it in order to functionally hurt themselves, whether they like it or not. When these people take Aniracetam, they will be able to focus all of that energy in a positive direction at last, which is going to make them feel better and more productive.


Long-term effects


Some people will report that they have experienced significant long-term personal changes as a result of taking Aniracetam. However, these changes are going to be indirectly related to the supplement in many cases as opposed to an inevitable result of taking the drug. Conquering one’s anxiety at the right time can lead to tremendous long-term benefits for a person, given the inconvenient rate at which anxiety can strike.


However, Aniracetam doesn’t seem to have a lot of direct long-term effects. It’s a supplement with a very short half-life, which is why people have to take it so consistently throughout the day in order to get the results that they need. The short half-life makes it significantly safer than a good portion of other supplements on the market, including nootropic supplements. However, it does mean that people are going to have to keep on taking the nootropic in order to keep feeling the effects. Brain chemistry is complicated, and sometimes anxiety begets anxiety. Disrupting that psychological pattern is sometimes more than enough to give people the long-term indirect benefits that they need.


Short-term effects


Aniracetam is going to work at different rates for different people. Some people will experience the effects right away, and other people are going to have to wait a little in order to feel their anxiety or depression begin to subside. However, one way or another, people will quickly find that their moods will start to improve and they will experience less stress, less depression, and less anxiety.




Aniracetam is a nootropic supplement that was created during the 1970s. Its potential for treating psychological problems may have been recognized right away, but that potential was esoteric knowledge for a long time. Nootropics have become popular in an era of self-improvement and widespread information.




Aniracetam has been researched quite extensively over the course of the last forty years, and its potential as a treatment for anxiety and depression has specifically been studied as well. There have been environmental stress tests that have demonstrated that depression and anxiety symptoms in test subjects subsided thanks to Aniracetam. Other studies have demonstrated that the social interaction test scores of the test subjects improved as a result of Aniracetam.


Common Nootropics to stack with this


Many people take Noopept, Phenibut, L-Theanine or Sulbutiamine, Picamilon, or Inositol with Aniracetam for the sake of getting the best results. The interactions between these supplements and Aniracetam will produce better results that Aniracetam would on its own. Aniracetam is also ideally taken with choline and some source of monounsaturated fat, since it is fat soluble. People will have to be careful about other drug interactions, which are rarely positive, and they still need to manage the drug stacks carefully.


Use as an anxiolytic


Aniracetam is one of the primary nootropics that people take when they’re in the market for an anxiolytic. Many other nootropics do not produce these sorts of effects, and the people who want to be able to counteract them will have to look for different anxiety remedies. It is true that people with genuine anxiety disorders should probably seek out stronger anxiolytics. While Aniracetam isn’t going to be actively harmful to the people who have genuine anxiety disorders, it may be inadequate when it comes to truly managing to address their symptoms. These people might have to give up their nootropic regimens due to concerns about drug interactions. The fact that people will get the best of both worlds with a supplement like Aniracetam certainly makes the situation that much better for anxious individuals.


Final Thoughts


Aniracetam isn’t always going to effectively treat the people who have very severe anxiety disorders, but it still may be able to help them take the edge off of their suffering. People with milder anxiety will probably be able to benefit from the supplement substantially when they use it appropriately. One way or another, the Aniracetam supplement has very real benefits for the people who are trying to improve their mental health and intellectual capabilities in more ways than one.