30 Nov

Maximizing Productivity on Modafinil

Modafinil’s main effect is increased focus and concentration, along with a touch of euphoria for many users. Those effects make modfafinil perfect for getting work done, whether you have an exam to study for or a deadline to meet. There are ways to make your modafinil day even more efficient, so let’s take a look at what you can do to maximize your productivity on modafinil.

Plan your day

If you’re going to take modafinil, chances are it’s because you have things to do. A normal light day doesn’t really call for a full dose. So before you take a pill, consider what you’re going to be doing. Set up a day where you can stay in one place, get your work done, and call it quits. Modafinil is great when you aren’t going to be disturbed, so you should try to find a space where you won’t be bothered to do your work. Decide in advance when you’ll stop for lunch or a break, because it’s easy to lose track of time when working on modafinil. It’s important to stay hydrated and keep eating as you normally would, even though you can easily forget to. Set alarms in advance and you’ll be able to plow through your work, take your breaks, and get right back to it.

Make a to-do list

For the actual work part of the day, make a list of what exactly you have to do. For instance, I might set aside a couple of hours to write, followed up with some time for university homework, and then an hour to clean the apartment. By breaking your activities down and putting them in order, you’ll find that you move cleanly from task to task. Modafinil makes your mind like a train on rails, it doesn’t have as much freedom to roam. That’s not a bad thing, just make sure that you map out where your train needs to stop.

Cross items off as you go, keeping your list up to date. If something new appears in your day, try to allocate a space for it, preferably after you finish whatever you’re currently working on. Having a list prepares you mentally for what you need to do and you’ll find that you can focus more on your tasks. When you don’t have a plan, your mind will tend to wander and think about when you should start doing something else. Organize first, modafinil later.

Choose the right activities

When I write creatively I avoid modafinil because I find it better to take breaks to ponder new routes available to my story. I write in short bursts, meander a bit, and then get back on track. When I write non-fiction, like this article, I benefit from modafinil because I can do research more efficiently and I tend to write more concisely and analytically.

The point of this example is that some tasks are better suited for modafinil than others. When I need to clean the house, I have a dose and scrub every nook and cranny with the precision of a surgeon, whereas on a normal day I’d probably ignore that corner that has been accumulating filth for weeks. I find that I do a much better job working on things I hate doing when I take modafinil, and that’s why I’d advise people to line up your least favorite tasks for a modafinil day. Whether it’s boring paperwork for my job, a vicious cleansing of the bathroom, or checking a stack of my students’ papers, I find that I’m more likely to power through the job at hand and do it well when modafinil is on my side.

Figure out what type of activities suit your modafinilised self.

Time your dose right

Modafinil takes a little while to take effect, so you should plan accordingly. I start work around 8 AM, and I like to get up and dressed early. I wash my modafinil down with my morning coffee around 7 AM, and by the time I’m out the door at 7:30 I can feel it working. By the time I start work, I’m ready to go. That also matters for the end of the day. Since you can count on about 12 hours of solid effects, sleeping in that time period is difficult if not impossible. I know that I need to be in bed by around 10 to get my precious 8 hours. Ideally you want your dose to kick in when you start working and you don’t want it around when it’s time for bed. Make sure you plan accordingly. It might be tempting to take a dose midday when a lot of work is on your plate, but you’ll likely pay for it later in a bout of insomnia.


Those are just some suggestions for how to make your modafinil day more productive and more satisfying. If you have any others, leave them in the comments. Remember that your experience may differ from others’, so be open to finding whatever methods fit you best.



27 Nov

How Much Modafinil Should You Take?

If you read reports from various modafinil users you’ll see quite the variety of recommendations when it comes to dosage, with equally varying results. It’s important to understand that each person’s biochemistry is unique and that while most people should respond the same, some people may respond quite differently to modafinil. But why does this happen? And what dosage is ideal? Let’s take a look.

Some people complain of a lack of effect on modafinil. Dosage is dependent on body mass, a larger person is going to need more of a medicine to have the same effects as a smaller person. In addition, there are certain genetic factors which can affect your processing of modafinil. The most common reason why a person feels unusually more or less effects from a drug is that they have an abnormal amount of cytochrome P450.

P450 is a family of enzymes that work in the liver to break down complex chemicals, most commonly pharmaceuticals. An excess of this enzyme would result in the body breaking down the material quicker and limiting its potency, while a deficit will mean that more of the medicine enters the bloodstream, resulting in increased potency. Generally, if you respond to medicines normally without requiring a special dosage, your P450 is probably fine. However, it can be inhibited by other means, particularly citrus fruits and their juices. Grapefruit juice is a powerful inhibitor of P450 and can cause other substances to become more potent. Whether this works for modafinil or not is still under debate, but it’s likely that it would have an impact.

So with those points aside, let’s look at some of the dosages and their effects.

Low dose: 100mg or lower

Modafinil is active at doses as low as 20mg. Several clinical trials have explored using modafinil in low doses for specific applications, such as treating addiction. It’s clear that modafinil works at these levels but without noticeable effects. On the low end, these doses are unlikely to result in a very productive day.

But doses near the 100mg mark are quite common and popular. I myself use 100mg when I have a light day and don’t feel the need for a full 200mg, but would like the extra energy and focus. Low doses also make your money go further, which is useful if you’re on a tight budget. Also, low doses tend to reduce or outright eliminate the occurrence of side effects, great if you find modafinil uncomfortable for whatever reason.

Low doses are often recommended for new users to get a feel for modafinil and find out whether or not a full dose is necessary. Considering the aforementioned diversity among users, it’s not a bad idea to play it safe the first time around and take a smaller dose, lest you find yourself over-stimulated or affected by side effects, however rare that may be.

A low dose will have a similar peak to a standard dose, meaning about 8-12 hours of peak performance. However, a low dose tends to decline quickly once it nears the half-life and from there may not be effective. Sleep comes easier on a low dose, I’ve even been able to take a nap.

Standard dose: 200mg

This is the gold standard of modafinil doses, the pill arrives in a neat 200mg disc, you pop it out of the foil, swallow it down, and get to work. Tried, tested, true, there’s little that you can’t do with 200mg of modafinil. Having said that, some people find the dose to be a bit excessive or overstimulating, particularly people with lower body masses.

Clinical trials have shown that the 200mg range tends to have a very low incidence of side effects, with less than 10% of users reporting any issues, mostly minor.

A 200mg dose should last for 12 hours and from there wear out in a couple of hours. Sleeping while on a 200mg dose is very difficult so you should plan accordingly.

Some people divide a 200mg dose into two 100mg doses. This can be good if you want to have peak effects for a short while, perhaps your morning work, and then another dose in the afternoon. Neither dose is very large, allowing you to take one in the morning and one before lunch and still sleep well, and you benefit from two peaks of energy during the day. However, some people find that short-term tolerance builds and that the second dose is not as effective as the first.

Large dose: 400mg

Doses of 400mg are not generally issued by doctors unless a patient is unresponsive to a standard 200mg dose. However, considering the increased frequency of users taking modafinil without a prescription, reports of people taking larger doses are becoming more common. Most users report no adverse effects but find instead an improvement in wakefulness and alertness. It seems that those who experience side effects will feel them more on 400mg and those who don’t normally get them may experience them slightly or not at all.

Larger doses can also be achieved by taking 200mg twice in the same day. This isn’t usually recommended as it’s likely to make sleep difficult, but with proper timing it can work well. A friend of mine was taking 200mg at 6 AM and another 200mg at 12 PM before lunch. He’d end up getting 18 hours of video editing a day done during the course of a week, before getting to bed at 12 PM.

A 400mg dose will last longer than a normal dose, and the intensity of the effects will be greater for a longer duration, but the same half-life applies and it will eventually fade out, albeit a few hours later. It’s more likely that your dose will provide more than 12 hours, closer to 15, of good solid modafinil time.

Large doses are perfectly safe and have been clinically approved. However it’s still recommended that you don’t take a large dose as your first one, just in case you might be allergic to the medication.

Very Large Doses: 400mg+

Doses over 400mg are rarely reported, although the few reports I’ve found on forums and reddit seem to indicate that they are safe, though rarely needed. These cases are generally seen as one-time incidents: Perhaps somebody has to cram for a major test and needs to go full speed for a couple of days, that’s the type of situation that calls for a very large dose, although one user mentioned consistently needing 800mg-1200mg to get an effect.

Very large doses are not recommended as their safety has not been thoroughly tested, although if it’s an occasional activity it’s probably not dangerous. Doses of several grams have been tested on humans with no serious adverse effects.

Is there a way to make modafinil more potent?

Aside from the dubious suggestion of using grapefruit juice, which is not widely recommended as its effect is unconfirmed and it can have adverse reactions with other drugs, there IS an effective way to increase modafinil’s strength.

Sublingual absorption of modafinil (under the tongue) can increase the potency and reduce the time it takes to kick in. The area under the tongue is full of mucous membranes which will go directly through the bloodstream, bypassing metabolism in your stomach. This makes for a more potent delivery of modafinil and less loss due to biological factors. Some users report crushing 50mg to consume sublingually and find this as potent as a 100mg dose. Be advised, pills and their binders tend to be bitter and not very pleasant in the mouth.

When you’re trying to figure out how much modafinil to take, consider these experiences and those of others, and remember that everybody’s response to medicine can be different. Talk to your doctor if you are unsure of how best to proceed.

25 Nov

Who Ought to Try Modafinil

Who should try modafinil and who shouldn’t?

Modafinil is a unique nootropic in that it enables people to perform at peak concentration for extended periods of time without fatiguing or becoming distracted quite as easily. With that in mind, this article will examine what types of people could benefit from a dose of modafinil, and who would be better off avoiding the popular pill.


Let’s start with the number one group of modafinil users: Students. Universities are reporting an ever-increasing percentage of students taking a variety of drugs to improve academic performance. It makes sense; universities have steadily been increasing their classwork and homework burdens. As if that wasn’t enough, the recent economic downturn has forced more students to work while they study. To complicate matters more, the party scene at many universities detracts from time that could be spent on assignments, yet it is still considered an important part of many students’ university experiences. Time is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. It seems the only way to have it all is to invest to “cheat,” so to speak.

Since modafinil will help you to put off sleep it can be beneficial for people who want to cram in a study session before a big exam, or for people who’ve gotten behind on work. The added focus can help students finish papers in less time. In more demanding programs such as law or medicine, it might just be the only way to avoid falling impossibly behind. Modafinil makes sense for students, whether it’s to make up for Friday night festivities or to keep up with a crushing workload.

Shift Workers

My grandfather used to work what was colloquially called the M-A-D shift, meaning midnight, afternoon, day, two weeks at a time. It also implied that you’d have to be mad to take on such work, but in coal mine country there weren’t a lot of alternatives at that pay level. It took a toll on him, particularly when it came time to rotate to the next shift. Your body simply isn’t designed for such a dramatic change in rhythm. Of course you can adapt, but it takes a few days, and in the meantime you suffer. Now imagine suffering that twice a month. There’s a name for that suffering: Shift Work Sleep Disorder. Modafinil is actually clinically approved to treat such a situation, so if you find yourself working a shift that doesn’t coincide well with your biology, modafinil might be the thing for you.

Sleep Problems

Got them? Whatever the cause, modafinil is recommended for a chronic case of the sleepies. Anecdotally, a good friend of mine had his second baby in three years and found modafinil. Anyone who’s had a baby knows that it makes sleeping extremely difficult, minutes are scattered and good quality REM is rare. He went from a sluggish dad at a constant 50% efficiency to having a spring in his step and tackling chores, work, and his new family responsibilities without letup. That’s one instance that might cause your sleep schedule to be affected, but the same logic holds true for the on-call doctor, the late night security guard, or the busy network admin. In a constantly connected world more and more of us are subject to interruptions in our regular schedules, and modafinil is a modern solution to a modern problem.

These are a few of the cases where modafinil would make a big difference, but there are some cases where it’s probably best left behind. Consider a few.

Short, sporadic jobs

Modafinil works best when you have lots to do, your work is consistent, and your activities rarely change. This is because it’s easy to get locked in on a specific task, to the point where you might ignore your other duties. If you have a variety of things to do, it helps if they’re at least sequential and predictable. Making a list before starting will help you to stay on track. If your job requires you to pay attention to a variety of potential situations, or monitor a wide array of details, modafinil might make it hard for you to multitask.

Creative work

This is a debatable topic that will be discussed in more detail in the future. The effect of modafinil is often described as being like a laser, with extreme focus and sharp precision, but little dispersion. In creative fields that could be a bad thing as creativity depends heavily on being able to think outside the box and in diverse ways. Inspiration often strikes randomly and without reason or method. If you’re locked into a specific task you might miss out on a flash of brilliance. Some people describe their work on modafinil as robotic, which certainly doesn’t sound very artistic. You might write page after page, but it might not be very beautiful, or paint an entire canvas but lack the artistic eloquence needed to make art.

Customer service

Again, this depends considerably on the user, but many people experience a negative mood shift on modafinil or find themselves easily irritated when something disrupts their rhythm. Modafinil can really get you into a groove, and as the Disney animated feature taught us years ago, you never want to throw anyone off their groove. I know this happens to me and I’m not the only one, I tend to be significantly more snarky (which means a great deal more than what is socially acceptable) when someone so much as asks me a question while I’m working on modafinil. Keep that in mind if you’re going to try modafinil with any sort of job that involves working with customers, as friendliness is key in those environments.

Share your experiences in the comments. When do you find modafinil to be beneficial?

Medically Contraindicated

Modafinil is safe for almost everyone but of course as with any medication some people should consult a doctor before taking modafinil. The main group that is excluded are people with heart conditions, such as chest pains or those who have had a heart attack. Heart deformities, such as valve problems, also should avoid modafinil. As modafinil acts as a stimulant it can put additional stress on the heart, which could cause problems in those with said conditions.

Mentally ill persons should also avoid modafinil. It’s mechanism of action is still not fully understood, as with many things in the brain. People suffering from depression or other mental disorders should exercise caution with modafinil.

Lastly, modafinil can raise blood pressure, so those with high blood pressure would do well to consult a doctor before adding modafinil to their regimen.

23 Nov

Is Modafinil Legal in your Country?

This is a common question for people considering ordering modafinil online, especially since many online pharmacies may appear sketchy to newcomers. Answering this question requires taking a look at the various policies of different nations. However, it should be mentioned that ultimately there is very little risk to you as a purchaser. Items that go to your mail may be seized, but effectively there is almost never a case of someone suffering legal consequences as a result. It’s simply too trivial and also too difficult for a person to be prosecuted, as the recipient can always deny having ordered the item.

However for the interests of this post I’ll explain some of the laws currently on the books for modafinil and armodafinil in different regions. Modafinil and armodafinil are classified as POM (Prescription only Medicines) but are not classified as illegal narcotics anywhere.


For those of us in the UK, modafinil is quite easy to get. The UK permits the import of prescription only medicines (POMs) up to a 180 pill supply (6 months). Larger orders can be seized. Proper customs forms should be filled out and attached to the shipment. VAT may be added to the purchase price of the order, depending on its value and whether or not it was properly declared. If it is revised and VAT is added, then it must be paid prior to picking up the order from a local post office.


American citizens have it the worst when it comes to ordering medicine online. The US pharmaceutical industry is the largest in the world, and in order to generate a profit they have persuaded lawmakers to prohibit the import of all prescription medicines. This ensures that they can sell their pills exclusively to American customers, whose insurance policies generally cover the exorbitant cost of the medicine.

In practice, many shipments slip through the cracks and not all packages are searched or seized. Likewise, there is almost no enforcement on individuals. The FDA generally looks to stop large scale importers from bringing in large quantities of medicine to sell later at a profit; nobody is going to knock down grandma’s door because she ordered some medicine from Canada or elsewhere.


In the European Economic Area one would expect laws to be more or less uniform, however that is far from the current situation. All EU countries allow POM imports from other EU countries. It gets trickier when the product in question is being imported from outside the EU.

Sweden and Finland allow up to a one year’s supply of any POM via mail order, meaning that there is no risk of a seizure. France is similar although they limit the import to a three months’ supply. The Netherlands has a policy similar to the UK’s. The rest of the countries appear to enforce their own laws, most of which state that in order to import a medicine one must have a valid prescription. Prescriptions from one EU country are usually honored by the others as long as they have been translated.

In practice one country’s enforcement often differs from another, with many people commenting that Spain is one of the most relaxed countries and Germany is among the strictest.

If in doubt, it may be beneficial to get a prescription locally and use it to import modafinil or armodafinil legally. Due to the subsidized cost of medicine in the EU, getting a prescription is usually trivial.


Health Canada (the single payer system in the country) prohibits the importation of POMs for personal use via mail. People travelling into Canada may bring them, but mail order is right out. Canada does enforce their policies fairly frequently and so it’s quite possible that a shipment may be detained, however as previously mentioned this does not equate to prosecution. A letter is sent to the shipping address informing the recipient of the action taken.


To purchase an approved POM (like modafinil) online from Australia you are supposed to have a valid prescription issued in Australia. Australia is one of the strictest countries when it comes to mail order enforcement, so it is quite likely that they will seize an order and request your prescription upon arrival.

Non-approved medical items, such as an herbal supplement, may be imported up to a 90-days’ supply. As such, many users have found that importing small orders of modafinil tend to go undetected. But it would be wise to have the proper documentation first.

South America

Laws in South America are often quite uniform, but enforcement is wildly varied. Countries with strong drug presences such as Colombia and Peru tend to have stricter enforcement of drug import/export laws to comply with international pressures. Also, as medicine is quite cheap, few people resort to ordering online. Seized shipments do occur, but it’s often more likely that the shipment has gotten lost in the shuffle as South American postal services are notorious for their inefficiency. Many websites warn customers that orders to some South American countries will not be eligible for a refund should the package not arrive due to a combination of these factors.


Asian countries tend to be very strict with their drug import laws. Japan for instance allows up to a 30 day supply for a select list of POMs, and completely prohibits the import of higher scheduled prescriptions such as Adderall. Modafinil is not an approved medication on Japan’s lists and some importers have actually been prosecuted.

Chinese laws are complex and generally prohibitive. However due to the large volume of shipments that pass through China enforcement is less common than in other countries.

Thailand and Indonesia are more relaxed with their import laws and allow POM imports for up to a 30-days’ supply, if and only if the item to be imported has already been approved by local authorities. Orders over the 30 day amount require an import license.

20 Nov


Armodafinil Prescription



What Is Flmodafinil


Flmodafinil is a nootropic drug that is a modification of modafinil. It is stronger and contains double fluoro derivate of modafinil. Just like modafinil, it is a wakefulness drug. It is an effective drug and easily gets into the blood once injected. It is four times stronger than modafinil and 20 times stronger than adrafinil.




Flmodafinil is taken as a capsule or tablet. It is recommended to take one to three tablets a day. This translates to about 100 to 200 milligrams a day. The maximum dosage should be 200 milligrams. However, there are factors that determine the dosage such as the user’s weight, health and age.




Flmodafinil has the following advantages;


l It enhances the capacity of the brain to function optimally

l It boosts memory

l It increases analytical capability

l It promotes motivation in individuals

l It results in wakefulness in individuals with excess sleepiness

l It enhances alertness for those working long hours

l It protects the brain from physical and chemical damage

l It relieves mild depression and helps with attention deficit disorders

Side Effects


There has not been much research on the side effects of this drug. However, since Flmodafinil affects the nervous system and your judgement, individuals should be careful not to engage in intense tasks. They should also take small doses of this drug in order to fully understand how they react to it. Prolonged use affects the natural operation of the brain. There is also the risk of insomnia and anxiety.


Long-Term Use


Flmodafinil affects the operation of the neurotransmitters and therefore results in better memory and retention. However, long term use interferes with the natural functioning of the brain. There is also the possibility of insomnia and anxiety. Long term use also affects how the body reacts to other chemicals.


Short-Term Use


.co.uk thingThe correct dosage of Flmodafinil makes one feel more awake, productive and creative. It does not cause anxiety or cause a dry mouth. It also increases appetite and the body requires more food in order to generate more energy. It boosts awareness in just one hour after use. It also lessens fatigue.






Since Flmodafinil is an enhancement of modafinil, it is based on the research done on modafinil. Modafinil came to life as a wakefulness drug and because of its ability to influence sleep. Research further focuses on the way this drug affects the brain and the cognitive functions.




Modafinil has been in existence since the 1970s and is attributed to Michael Jouvet. It was meant to treat sleep disorders and started as adrafinil. Flmodafinil is a recent enhancement of modafinil and it has become popular in the market because of its effects.


Effects on Focus


Flmodafinil treats attention deficit, perception, thought process and mental dysfunction. It regulates orexin that is associated with focus. Flmodafinil also influences the function of the neurotransmitters that determine how the brain works. It encourages the coordination between the left and right hemisphere of the brain to result in more attention.


How Long Does This Last?


Flmodafinil is stronger than other nootropics. It lasts longer in the body than coffee. About 200 milligrams of this drug starts acting immediately and can last up to 24 hours. It is therefore recommended to take a low dosage when using it for the first time.


Is This Legal?


Flmodafinil is a legal drug. It is also important to buy these drugs from established and reputable suppliers in order to get quality drugs. There are also online stores that sell this drug.


Final Thoughts


All drugs, just like Flmodafinil, have positive and negative effects. The most important thing is to take the right dosage from the beginning. Flmodafinil requires intake of the least amount of the drug at the beginning as you weigh it. You can increase the dosage subsequently.