29 Mar

Can Modafinil Lower your Blood Pressure?

A new study from South Korea opens up the possibility that modafinil could be used to reduce high blood pressure. At the moment the study has only been performed on rats, but this would be an incredible find if it proceeded to human trials. Most stimulants increase blood pressure which makes them unsuitable for people with high blood pressure.

Modafinil might be able to drop those numbers

The dangers of hypertension are well known and documented, you can suffer heart attacks or aneurysms as well as long term organ damage. For someone with chronic hypertension, as opposed to a temporary spike in blood pressure like the kind you get when you’re angry in traffic, it’s important to keep a strict diet and be careful with strenuous activity. Caffeine is often ruled out as well.

Imagine not being able to do the same amount of work as you would like simply because it might make your heart explode. And furthermore, you need to avoid all the common things everybody else takes to stay awake. What if modafinil could be the solution for those people?

What about humans?

An older study from 1999 looked at the blood pressure in humans who were already taking modafinil. They found that their regular resting pressure didn’t decrease considerably. However, when they were under strain, such as jogging or lifting objects, their blood pressure didn’t increase as much as it normally did. This could prove to be essential to preventing sudden rises in pressure that are responsible for many of the fatal outcomes.

Did you know that mental stress can cause your blood pressure to rise? Think back to the days where you had to take a particularly painful exam, how you wracked your brain looking for the right answer. You could feel your head pounding. That’s a perfect example of how this works. The same 1999 study tested patients with mental exercises, like the types of questions commonly found on IQ tests. The results were positive: Modafinil limited the rise in blood pressure in those individuals.

At this point in time it’s unclear if modafinil will actually lower your blood pressure, but it may be able to prevent it from rising uncontrollably. That also means it’s safer for people who have high blood pressure. Regardless, if you have hypertension and are considering taking modafinil you should consult your physician prior to doing so, especially if you are already taking other medications to treat that condition.

It’s exciting to see the new developments in the modafinil arena, what new treatments will they find next?

18 Mar

Provigil Work-Shift Sleep Disorder


 Provigil and Work-Shift Sleep Disorder

What is Provigil?

Provigil, also commonly known as Modafinil, is a drug that is designed to help treat sleep disorders such as narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder. The drug works by altering neurotransmitters that are located within the human brain.



Perhaps the biggest benefit of Provigil is that the drug helps those who take it stay more awake and active rather than feeling tired. This helps their minds stay much clearer as a result, essentially improving aspects such as concentration and even short-term memory.


Side Effects

As with virtually any other drug on the market, Provigil has its share of side effects, which include the following:


*Rapid weight loss

*Appetite suppression





*Dry mouth



*Back pain



*Stuffy nose

*Upset stomach




Additionally, there is also the chance that this drug can cause skin reactions and other anxietymore serious side effects that can be severe enough to require medical treatment. If you begin to experience the following, stop taking the drug immediately and contact your doctor:


*Leg swelling



*Skin peeling

*Difficulty swallowing

*Mouth sores


*Shortness of breath

*Dark urine


*Facial swelling



The dosage amount for Provigil will depend on the particular sleep disorder that you are suffering from. For instance, if you suffer from narcolepsy, take no more than 200mg per day in the morning. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you will generally take the same amount at the same time of day. If you suffer from shift work sleep disorder, however, you will need to take no more than 200mg of Provigil per day no less than one hour before you begin your usual work shift. It is also worth noting that despite reports to the contrary, Provigil has note been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for pediatric attention deficit disorder.


Long-Term Use

Since the long-term effects of Provigil are not exactly known as of yet, the United States government has taken the step of classifying this drug as a Schedule IV controlled substance. This means that while the drug has a very low potential for abuse, it still requires a prescription from a licensed physician to obtain.


Short-Term Use

When Provigil is used on a short-term basis, not only can it help to, as previously mention, assist in the relief of various types of sleep disorders, but it can also help to improve cognition, increase concentration, and help with overall mental focus in individuals who take the drug.



As previously stated, Provigil has been classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance by the United States government due to the fact that it has the potential to be abused. The Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings that there have been reports of this drug causing anxiety, hallucinations, and, in more serious cases, suicidal thoughts. Additionally, there is also the risk of skin infections that can occur, as one of the more serious side effects can be skin peeling.


Legal Status

The only way to obtain Provigil is through a prescription that is obtained through a licensed physician – no one else. This is because of the fact that the drug has been classified by the United States government as a Schedule IV controlled substance.


Use Among College Students

Since Provigil is designed to help combat various types of sleep disorders, it is seen as being one of the more popular go-to drugs for college students, especially those who are finding that they are having trouble sleeping due to all of the stress that they are experiencing from so much studying and stress that they go through thanks to college life. Then again, there are some college students who are somehow able to get their hands on a pill or two as a means to stay awake during the night and make it through those stressful all-night study sessions.



Provigil is certainly a drug that should, in no way, be obtained unless you have the legal means to do so. If you are a student who is just looking for a way to stay awake to try to get through an all-night study session for a big test the next day, make yourself a pot of coffee or buy a couple of energy drinks – don’t take this route, because chances are you will end up getting addicted to something that you will find it very difficult to get away from.

17 Mar

Using Modafinil to Lose Weight

One frequently reported side effect of modafinil is appetite suppression or in laymen’s terms, not feeling hungry. So is it possible to lose weight by using modafinil? The answer is a resounding “Yes”, but only if you do it right. There are some obstacles to making this work well.

The first issue is that you still need to eat. It might seem strange to talk about eating when the title is losing weight, but it’s extremely important. If your decreased appetite causes you not to eat at all, your metabolism will decline. In addition, this is incredibly unhealthy because you aren’t giving your body the nutrients it needs to run at top form. Modafinil might make you wakeful and alert, but it is no substitute for natural energy from food. The key to solving this problem is to eat small, light portions several times a day. This is what nutritionists already recommend, but people find it difficult to control their portions.  Modafinil will make that easy by curbing your appetite and allowing you to eat less.

In order to properly digest the food you do eat you’re going to have to stay well hydrated. Without water, the gastrointestinal system’s function declines, which can lead to constipation. I mention this because modafinil tends to excrete water from your body much faster than normal. You’ll probably find yourself visiting the restroom more often when you take modafinil. This is perfectly normal, but those fluids need to be replaced. Stay lubed up, keep the water flowing, and you should be able to process everything quite naturally.

So you’ve packed your lunch with small snacks to eat throughout the day, you’ve got a big bottle of water ready to go, you’re taking your pill every day, but you’re not losing weight. How come?

One of two things could be happening here and you need to be sure you’re being brutally honest with yourself. For one, are you eating the right types of foods throughout the day? A donut isn’t the right type of snack, for instance. If you’re packing heaps of calories into your mini-meals then you aren’t going to see any results at all. Modafinil doesn’t burn calories, it just makes you less likely to want to put things in your mouth.

Another potential obstacle is the “rebound effect”. Eventually modafinil wears off, likely after at least 12 hours. This can also inconveniently be right around the time you pull into your driveway and get home. If you haven’t eaten much during the day then when the pill’s effect subsides you might feel famished. That can cause you to “double down” so to speak and eat even more than you intended. So what can you do if this happens to you?

A good idea is to break up your dose into two smaller ones. If 200mg works for you, take 100mg first thing in the morning as you normally would. Then, after a few hours, take the rest. This will extend the duration of the effects later into the evening while keeping them light enough to allow you to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. If you take a large dose too late you’ll lie awake staring at your ceiling, and nobody wants that. But if you took 100mg at 10 AM, most of it will be out of your system by 10 PM, at which point you’d have less than 50mg in your body and would likely be able to rest well.

There truly is no such thing as a magic pill that’ll cause you to shed those extra pounds. Modafinil simply suppresses appetite, which means you still need to exercise some self-control when it comes to what you eat and when. Speaking of exercise, you should absolutely try to incorporate that into your routine. Modafinil will make you able to endure longer and harder activity, just ask the athletes who’ve been banned for taking it to get an advantage. If you put your reduced appetite together with a more active lifestyle, you can guarantee real meaningful weight loss.

14 Mar

Modafinil as a Cure for Addiction

When you think of modafinil you probably think about how it makes you focused or the energy it gives you, but what you probably don’t know is that modafinil can be used as a cure for addiction. Not what you’d expect, especially when that addiction is to stimulants like cocaine, but extensive research has shown this to be true.

Dr. Charles Dackis and some of his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania Treatment Research Center reported having a second successful study. The study conducted included 62 individuals (44 men, 18 women) that had ingested $200 worth of cocaine, if not more, within the past 30 days. Dr. Dackis had his patients come to the clinic twice a week for individual cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions (CBT) and provide urine samples three times a week during the 8 week study. Each week the patients were given a week’s supply of modafinil and told to take four 100mg doses a day, while the other half of the group received similar looking placebo pills and told to do the same. It was found that 33% of the patients were able to abstain from cocaine use for three weeks or more. There have also been other studies conducted separately showing that this can work for addiction to other stimulants like methamphetamine.

Modafinil was not the only factor in helping those patients to overcome their addiction, but it did play a large role. Dr. Dackis claimed that modafinil’s modulation of glutamate, an abundant excitatory neurotransmitter, may account for the striking effect. He goes on to explain that some of the patients that used again claimed that the effects of modafinil seemed to have removed the typical urge to redose that they had always felt before. Others told him that they had simply flushed the cocaine down the toilet, something Dr. Dackis says he has never heard a patient say in his 25 years of treating addiction. Modafinil reverses the cocaine-induced neurochemical disruptions of glutamate and of dopamine-containing neurons in the brain’s reward centers. Those two neurotransmitters are responsible in part for the good feeling that you get from drugs. Clinically, modafinil’s effects are in many ways the opposite of the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal, which usually include oversleeping, depression, poor concentration, and craving. Modafinil is also not addictive, making it a good neutral tool for this study.

The same team went on to do another study including 210 patients this time with the plan to test the efficacy of two different doses. They divided the groups up with the same exact structure as the previous study having patients visit twice a week for cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions and providing three urine samples a week, however this time Dr. Dackis and his team would be using doses of 200mg, 400mg, and a placebo for some that would be taken daily. They did not find a notable difference between the different doses, though when they looked at the results by gender it was found that there was a slight improvement with 400mg among men.

It is amazing to think that modafinil can not only provide the average person with great focus, wakefulness, and overall improvement on cognitive function, but that it can also help someone suffering from addiction that needs that extra push to get clean. You shouldn’t try to recreate that study on yourself since it was not just modafinil that helped, but also the CBT sessions that were conducted by professionals. If you feel that is something that would benefit you then please do it under the supervision and guidance of your doctor.

04 Mar

A Look at the Most Common Nootropics

 In the world of nootropics there are a lot of choices, some you may have heard of, and some might be completely new to you. While the definition of a nootropic is loose at this point in time, I decided to put together a quick look at the most commonly used ones that people are buying today. The central idea behind all nootropics is that they enhance your mental processes such as your attention or your mood.


L-Theanine is a popular nootropic that you may have already tried without knowing it. This substance is found in tea and can tend to be really subtle since the dose would be much lower than if you were to use it alone as a means of focus. There have been many that claim that l-theanine doesn’t really do anything for them, others have positive experiences with it. One issue is that to get results similar to other popular and dependable nootropics like modafinil you need to combine l-theanine with caffeine. You spend money on two substances to get the effect you should get with just one, plus the crash and likely dependence on caffeine makes that quite a negative impact. Along with that there have been many that claim they only end up feeling spaced out and tired instead of focused and motivated, others only get a little boost in confidence that helps out with social interactions. Although it is a nootropic, it doesn’t really seem to give that fully focused and alert feeling that these types of substances are known for.


Another lesser-known option, which is actually the parent compound for all racetam nootopics, is piracetam. This one has been around for quite some time now and like l-theanine this one is really hit and miss with people. This typically comes in packs of powder so it can be inconvenient and dangerous for those that do not have a scale to measure out a proper dose. It isn’t designed to help out with focus or staying on task, instead many have claimed that it aids your social abilities and confidence. Others have mentioned getting anxiety that made it very hard for them to stay on task, or that they ended up depressed instead of having a better mood. If you are more concerned about having something to help you out socially then this might be for you, but if you’re looking for productivity then you may want to go elsewhere.


Adderall, which is composed of amphetamine salts, is one of the most commonly used nootropics in the United States, though most just know of it as a stimulant. Adderall is very helpful for staying alert, awake, and focused. However, Adderall doesn’t have the same effects on people who do not suffer from ADHD: The opposite effect can occur. There seems to be less control with Adderall compared to something like modafinil which gives the same results without giving up that control and no worry about the urge to redose. Adderall can also have a very rough comedown for people that leave them with a headache, irritable, and unable to get any rest. Obtaining Adderall is also difficult compared to many of the other options mentioned.


Ritalin, a pill that contains methylphenidate, is similar to Adderall in many ways in that it is meant to help those with ADHD focus, stay alert, and can help with staying awake. Like Adderall, Ritalin has a very rough comedown that for some can cause a feeling of depression along with the headache, irritability, and insomnia that you get with Adderall. You may also find it hard to focus for long and can easily be distracted by anything your mind might perceive as being more fun. The anxiety you can feel with both of these substances is also a big issue when you not only need to focus, but it can make it difficult to even go about your day when you have to fight those uncomfortable feelings. Ritalin can be difficult to obtain and isn’t recommended for everyone.


Modafinil is a popular nootropic among those that have tried it, though like many of the others mentioned, it is not as well-known as caffeine, Ritalin, or even Adderall. It is one of the simplest to obtain and safer to take than those that come in powder because you receive the proper dose in each pill. There’s no urge to redose, no jittery feeling, and your focus isn’t affected by things like anxiety or a decreased mood since the effects are so subtle. You won’t need to mix this with caffeine, like most nootropics, and you won’t have to worry about dependence or addiction as you would with caffeine. Some of the other options could be good for people wanting just short term focus, but this can give a full day of focus with just one dose.


Whichever nootropic you feel is best for your needs always be sure to research the proper dosage since many can come in powders, and make sure to check for any reactions with other substances if you are taking any. Never take any more than the recommended dose because although one person may have had a positive experience your mileage may vary.