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How to Effectively Stack Piracetam with Modafinil


How to Combine Piracetam Effectively with Modafinil

What is Piracetam, and How can it be Stacked with Modafinil Effectively?


Piracetam was first made in Belgium in 1960s as a smart drug. Piracetam is a recurring derivative of gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA). Currently it used in many of the European countries, South America and Asia. In the US, piracetam has not been a proved for any medical use by the US Food and Drug Administration, and in the UK it is not allowed to be sold as dietary supplement. Long after its discovery, it has been used mostly as a nootropic agent in enhancing the memories of human beings. This drug, when stacked with Modafinil, can make the effects somewhat cleaner, and also add to its memory, mood and focus qualities. This article will focus mainly on the effects of Piracetam, and how these can enhance those already powerful benefits of Provigil, Modvigil or Modafinil.


Benefits of Piracetam


Piracetam is very effective in the treatment of cognitive impairment, stroke, ischemia, and dementia and this has been acknowledged all over the world.


It greatly contributes to cognition enhancement of the dyspaxic and dyslexic in children.


It is very useful to people suffering from Down syndrome as it is usually employed in slowing down the aging of brain.


It also serves as a modulator during brain metabolism, neuro-plasticity and neuro-protection.


Piracetam is also said to have anti-seizure and anti-epileptic effects hence a very important drug for medicinal use.


More important also is that piracetam is used in reducing the symptoms associated normally with clinical depression, anxiety, withdrawal from alcohol among many others.


Dosage when Stacking Piracetam with Modafinil

Though this is not applicable to every person, 1600 mg thrice every day is normally the starting standard dosage of piracetam. This dosage normally varies in case the patient is a child. In most cases the piracetam recommended dosage varies based on the reason of Piracetam and Modafinil Stackuse, it normally ranges from 1.6g daily that is from 2-12 pills a day. Mostly people report of getting good results when they take 1-2 pill after every hour for 4- 6 hours daily or if they take 4-8 pills just once for the first few days of medication to notice some effects. Even if piracetam is overdosed or taken for such a long period of time, it has never been recorded medically to have very adverse side effects. Only few cases of insomnia and headaches have been reported at personal level of people’s experiences as a result of lack of natural choline levels. When stacked with a powerful stimulant drug like Modafinil, use 800mg of Piracetam and around 200mg of Modafinil. 




Piracetam side effects


Piracetam is known to have very less side effects medically, and those if any are typically very few, transient, and mild. A twelve week study on people taking high doses of piracetam found that there was no adverse effect on the persons that were taking piracetam as compared to those of placebo group. A lot of other studies have found piracetam to have no bad side effects. Some of the general excitability include insomnia, anxiety, irritability, tremor, and hyperkinesia, are some of the side effects normally reported. Other side effects that are also reported include weight gain, somnolence, weakness, increased libido, clinical depression, and hyper-sexuality.




Piracetam Research


Brain Aging;


The research mostly discusses about the aging of the brain and how it helps in solving the cognitive issues. The research also talks about another nootropic called Hydergine. This research is important to anybody trying to find out about the aging of the human brain.


Below is an up to date-research about the benefits of Piracetam





Piracetam Nootropic


Piracetam is kind of water soluble Pyrrolidone derived from Nootropic Smart Drug. Its chemical component is similar to that of Pyroglutamate.


Health benefits of piracetam


Aging and Life Extension. Piracetam possesses the Life Extension ability.


-It prolongs the lives of mice and rats under the conditions of Hypoxia.


  1. A) Cardiovascular System


Piracetam helps to counteract Hypoxia which occurs due to Atherosclerosis. It also improves the blood circulation to and from the brain thus reducing the chances of cerebral insufficiency. Piracetam also counteracts Raynaud’s Disease as it alleviates the underlying Hypoxia which is known to cause the disease. It also enhances the after treatment of the Stroke as it helps in enhancing of the oxygen distribution in brain.


  1. B) Detoxification


Piracetam is also used in treating Alcoholism as a result of its ability of enhancing oxygen utilization in the brain, it does this by countering the inefficient utilization of the oxygen that is usually associated with people who consume alcohol and it also prevents damaging of the Neurons of the Hippocampus as a result of Alcohol consumption and impedes severe destruction of the hippocampal Neurons immediately after alcohol withdrawal after long use.


  1. C) Metabolism


Piracetam improves the Athletic Performance at places of high altitudes as a result of its ability to impede Hypoxia. Piracetam also reduces Fatigue. Piracetam impedes and accelerates the brain from recovering from Hypoxia.




  1. D) Nervous System Piracetam increases the Alertness in the normal, healthy humans and age impaired people. It improves the conditions of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia disease. Piracetam is also very useful in the long term treatment for coagulation, vasospastic, and clotting disorders like deep –vein thrombosis and Raynaud’s phenomenon. It also increases the alertness and alleviates depression by around an average of about 50% in dementia patients and Alzheimer’s disease, and also improves on the memory for people suffering from the said diseases.


 ***-These effects in protection of brain cells help make Piracetam a great drug to stack with a stimulant like Provigil. 


Legal status of piracetam


In the US, piracetam is uncontrolled which means it is legal to possess it without having prescription or a license. Distribution, labelling, and selling are all regulated by the FDA rules in case it is sold for purposes of human consumption. In other countries piracetam is likely to be uncontrolled or available by prescription, thus the whole idea depends on the particular country whether it will be uncontrolled or available by prescription.


Provigil Piracetam Stack




Megadosing simply means dosing an amount that is more than the normal, and in most cases is simply an experimental procedure. This practice is both informative and risky, and some people find it to work well in the long run.


Reasons for megadosing


There are various reasons as to why certain people may see megadosing as necessary. Piracetam has a significant variance of effects to its users. It is very common to see a normal dose doing nothing to the user, and in most cases you will need to double or triple normal amounts in-order to feel something different. This is a result of individual’s body chemistry or the occasional display of the rapid drug tolerance. Another case is that for just a normal dosage it only yields very weak effects, which do not normally live up to claims of certain people considered to be more sensitive. However, it is good to avoid megadosing as it possesses some risky challenges.


Piracetam Sublingual use


This supplement is normally used for patients who are just healthy but still experiencing some mild symptoms on non-clinical depressions or lack of motivations. For students or other healthy people who want to improve on their memory retention or concentrate their focus on alternative drugs such as Adderall, and should look into starting off with the usage of some small little amounts of Piracetam and check how they react.




The importance of choline with Piracetam


Some researches done suggest that the combination of choline and Piracetam has very powerful effects. The studies which were done on some rats suggest that Piracetam increases the up-take of choline in hippocampus region of the brain and which is normally associated with the memory. You can also prevent Piracetam headaches by taking Piracetam together with choline. You can also prevent depression by spacing your choline piracetam intake.




Piracetam for ADHD


ADHD is a disorder characterized by distractibility, inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. These conditions can be mitigated by piracetam use, though this supplement is not a cure. Some of the symptoms that piracetam can mitigate include; serving as an Adderall replacement or as an alternative. Piracetam is important for ADHD or ADD sufferers because it helps to improve on communication of the neurons between themselves and with both the hemispheres of the brain.


Piracetam vs Modafinil


A Nootropic refers to a substance which is used in enhancing the cognitive functions like attention and memory. It is usually referred to as “smart drugs”. These nootropics are often known to be non-toxic and non-addictive substances that have very minimal side effects. There are various kinds of nootropics and other prescriptive medications that are available on the market. We have nootropic piracetam or the prescriptive drug version of Modafinil. Modafinil is normally classified as a eugeroic, meaning that this medication improves alertness and reduces the feeling of exhaustion. However, piracetam is safer as compared to Modafinil for people who want to enhance cognition as it has fewer side effects than the latter.


Piracetam vs Adderall


These two are not comparable since Adderall is a Stimulant known to have adverse side effects to healthy un-prescribed people while Piracetam is highly accepted as a Nootropic. However, both of them are still beneficial to the mind.


How to use properly


The normal dose is between 800mg to 2g, and should be taken for 2-3 times a day, and the recommended dosage is 800mg to 4,800mg, splitting between 2-3 equal doses for the whole day.


How long does this last


Adults should take one or at least two 500mg tablets after every 4-6 hours, but should not take more than 4g in a space of between 24 hours. Small children especially under the age of 16 should take a lower dosage, depending on their age and weight.






The dangers of piracetam are not related to toxicity in any way. A lot of study is needed to be done on dangers of piracetam today, because as of today there are no serious dangers posed by this Nootropic drug. In general, we can say that piracetam toxicity is not anything we should worry much about.


Final Thoughts on Piracetam and Modafinil Used in Conjunction


In relation to the procedures of piracetam, I would personally like to say that piracetam is an agent that can be used in preserving the mitochondrial potential. It is also a non-discriminative fluidity preservative. I therefore believe that piracetam is not that much cognitive enhancer since it is a minor longevity enhancing agent; by delaying the age related pathologies in a non-specific and weaker manner. It’s non-toxic, and therefore may be a good preservative agent if you have money to burn. Always keep in mind that when stacking these two drugs together, use the minimum effective dosage of each.



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