06 Jul

Modafinilcat Shut Down Mysteriously after Years in Business

modafinilcat closed X

The modafinil community lost a reliable vendor when Modafinilcat closed down several months ago. Modafinilcat’s operators put up a post on their front page letting everyone know that they would no longer take new orders, citing lack of time as their motive.

However, the unexpected announcement has consumers worried. Are more modafinil vendors next? Did modafinilcat shut down just for personal reasons, or could there have been something more to it? As one of the most popular nootropics available, demand for modafinil is certainly not going to decline.

Was modafinilcat illegal?

Online modafinil sales exist in something of a legal grey area, though it’s closer to white than black. Sites like modafinilcat typically connect to generic suppliers in India or other markets, who then ship directly to you. As a result, there’s basically no physical center of operations. No government can claim authority over these modafinil vendors. It’s like having a business in international waters.

And their actions are not illegal! Governments regulate what consumers can or cannot import. So ultimately the legal responsibility falls on you.

Based on this, it’s highly unlikely that modafinilcat shut down due to legal pressure.

When buying modafinil goes wrong

Not every site has been entirely honest, however. Some have sold fake merchandise, counterfeit pills, or simply open for a while to scam desperate buyers. Demand for modafinil is high, so are scammers.

Modafinator appeared for a brief couple of months, shipped some legitimate orders, and then seemed to take money and run. Now its site links to another vendor without a secure certificate.

Modafinilcat was one of the good ones, and it’ll be missed. When modafinilcat closes down, it opens the door for more malicious vendors.

How vendors can be shut down

If a site has been found to scam people, the most common response is for consumers to call up their credit card companies, or Paypal, if the site accepts it. They will go to fight for you, since the last thing they want is a bad vendor online cutting into their profits.

This is how most sites get shut down nowadays. Visa or Paypal will go to war, cutting off the site’s money supply. If a site only accepts Bitcoin, then it’s probably not very secure. Before Modafinilcat closed down it accepted all major credit cards, which is a good sign of trust.

Theories around the modafinilcat shut down

Some people think that perhaps modafinilcat shut down due to law enforcement or some other kind of intervention. That simply does not appear to be the case. More than likely what the site said was true: The site had gotten too big, was taking up too much time, and had probably generated enough income to justify retirement. Still, other sites have posted some other interesting theories. My favorite includes this one, about the site being run by an actual cat.

There are still other reliable vendors out there. Reddit’s FAQ has a good list of them, although it may not be perfect. Hopefully they continue to stay in business.