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Benefits of Nootropics, What are Nootropics?

Benefits of Nootropics

What Are Nootropics  


If you have ever heard of the term “nootropics”, they are typically referred to as “smart drugs”. These smart drugs are a class of enhancing supplements that have the ability to boost the power of your memory and improve the concentration of the human mind. Nootropics have been used to help increase an individuals attention span and to help with focus when it comes to studying, and they are considered to be study aids. They help to balance the neurotransmitter levels and to promote a healthier development of brain cells. Studies have shown that they are also help to improve the energy metabolism in your neurons, they can activate the growth of new neurons in your brain, and it is also known to support neuroplasticity. Therefore, nootropic supplements are considered to be an incredibly beneficial thing to consider to take so that you can help to enhance your overall brain function, your focus, improve your energy, and to help and grow new neurons inside of your brain.




There are several benefits that you can receive from taking nootropic supplements and one of the main ones is the fact that it enhances neuroplasticity. A human harbors millions of neurons that are continuously changing and growing every single day, however, Modafinilimage39neurons are not like any other cell that is within the human body. Neurons have a circular core and they are of a circular shape, and they have a numerous amount of long shoots that extend off of the center of them. So, when one of the neurons release neurotransmitters from these long shoots, they will then activate and cause a chemical change in the neuron, and this is what increases the neuroplasticity. Another beneficial aspect of nootropics, is that it prevents the sign of aging, and if you use nootropic supplements on a daily basis, you will then rewire your entire brain to produce more neurotransmitters inside of it. Using nootropics are a ways to help you to enhance your brain performance all together, and this is one of the biggest benefits that you can receive from taking a daily nootropic supplement.




Just like any other type of supplement that you take, nootropic supplements have some potential side-effects that you should be aware of before deciding to take them. There are a few side-effects that can occur when you take nootropics and they include:


– Cognitive defects

 – Brain chemistry alterations

– Dependence

– Cumulative toll on nervous system

– Interactions

– Memory impairment

– Quality concerns

– Perceived Deficiencies

– Sleep problems

– Withdrawals




You will typically see the dosage for nootropics to be around 400mg to 800mg per capsule that you take. To receive the proper amount of the supplement you will need to take this 2-3 times a day, to achieve the proper amount.


Examples Of Nootropics  


There are a multiple amount of nootropics that you are able to get, and each one will give you the required or specific amount of exactly what it is that you are needing from these nootropics. You can find nootropics that specifically target your memory, others that target attention, some for focus, some for mood, some for depression, some that target longevity and anti-aging, there are some that target anxiety, for sleep, recovery, and dream enhancement. There are so many different types of nootropics that you can take, and if you are wanting to target one specific area then you are able to find these supplements that are able to help you benefit from them.


Long-Term Usage


In the short-term usage of nootropics, researchers have found out that it is incredibly safe to take them. There isn’t much research on what will happen if these supplements are used for a long-term usage, however, many professionals have agreed that there is a great potential for them to be used in a long-term way. All of the benefits that you can receive from nootropic supplements, are what will occur for an individual if they use them for an extended amount of time. So, it is believed that it is actually beneficial if these nootropics are used for short-term or for long-term usage.


Herbal Nootropics


There are many natural and herbal nootropics that can be used to help in a beneficial way. The several different types of natural herbal nootropics include:


– L-Theanine

– Huperzine-A

– Tryptophan

– Bacopa Monnieri

– Artichoke Extract

– Lion’s Mane

– Ginko Biloba


Ampakine Nootropics


Ampakine nootropics are considered to be the most potent and the strongest when it comes to all of the nootropics supplements that are available. When you take these ampakine nootropics, it increases the level of glutamate in the body, and this is a neurotransmitter that is incredibly important for learning, focus, and memory of the brain. If you use ampakine nootropics as a daily supplement, then you will see an improvement of your attention span, comprehension of any new information, concentration, it can improve your reasoning skills, and give you a more powerful memory. Two of the most well-known and the best ampakine nootropics that you can find are Unifiram and Sunifiram. These two nootropics are considered to be the best in the market that you can choose from when it comes to taking these types of supplements.


Stimulant Nootropics


Stimulants are a very important part of our every day life for certain individuals. If you do not believe this, then take a look at how many individuals who have to drink coffee every single day just to make it through to the end of the day. Caffeine is considered to be one of the most used stimulants that you are able to find in the world today. Perscription stimulants, such as Concerta and Adderall, are handed out so often to students and college students every single day, however, they are considered to be extremely addictive. This has led many individuals to turn to nootropic stimulants to depend on to help them stay focused and motivated, and the reason for this is because they have many beneficial aspects to them than to take prescription stimulants. A main reason as to why many are taking the nootropic form of stimulants, is because they do not have a lot of the serious side-effects that the prescription stimulants contain.


Final Thoughts


In conclusion, nootropic supplements have been considered to be a very beneficial thing to take for so many individuals. They are able to enhance the entire overall functioning of the human brain, and are able to enhance many different aspects of the brain that include memory, focus, learning, and motivation that no other type of supplement has the ability to do. Nootropics are considered to be a positive type of supplement to take, and they have very little negative side-effects to them when they are taken on a daily basis. Whether you are going to take them in a short-term usage or in a long-term usage, nootropics are able to improve your brain and help you to develop an abundant amount of neurons to help your brain grow and enhance its performance.

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