23 Jan

Depression Symptoms Improved by Modafinil

Depression, unbeknownst to many, is one of the most common medical conditions in the world. The WHO claims that 350 million people experience depression annually. While there are many pills that try to alleviate depression’s symptoms, they don’t really offer a cure. Many patients stop taking them due to difficult side effects.

Depression symptoms are complex

But news is showing that Modafinil can have a big impact on people with depression. Depression symptoms are complex and many. At the core of depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain that causes multiple symptoms. Most people just think it means that you feel sad. But it often goes beyond that. Depressed people tend not to experience happiness when they naturally should. For many it’s more of a total lack of emotion. This makes them disinterested in regular tasks.

If you’ve ever wondered why a depressed person can’t just “snap out of it” consider what this means. You get depressed, and your performance at work diminishes. That makes you feel like you’re failing. Maybe you lose your job. It spirals out of control. But now there’s some hope.

Modafinil can improve memory function

Since cognitive functions are also depressed, especially memory and concentration, depression will often cause people to forget important assignments or to miss details in a conversation. A new study shows that Modafinil can improve memory function. The study tested 60 patients and found the Modafinil group did better on memory tests.

This is exciting news for those suffering from depression. Modafinil might be the extra boost they need to stay sharp even when everything else feels dull.

One thing that’s important to note though is the type of patient in the study. They had “remitted depression” which is generally when the depression symptoms subside. They are still present, but are less of a bother. The biggest concern for a doctor is to make sure the patient doesn’t relapse into a full blown depression again. Modafinil would be an excellent tool to keep patients in remission from falling back into the hole.

So if you’re depressed, Modafinil may be able to help you, but consult your doctor. If you’re in remission, this could be a great way to give you a boost and keep depression from consuming you again.